Cooch Behar In 2022 BSF Has Fired Several Times Killing Several

Kolkata: The death of a young man in Cooch Behar’s firing by border guards has brought Bengal politics to a new boil (Cooch Behar News). The ruling party has alleged that BSF Firnig is being used for political interests under Trinamool (TMC) rule. The role of BSF is again in doubt. Not for the first time, in this one year, five BSF firing incidents and deaths have come to light in Cooch Behar alone.

Trinamool alleged that BSF is being used for political purposes

On March 17 this year, the death of one person in Matabhanga in Cooch Behar came to light in firing by BSF. It is known that he is a Bangladeshi citizen. It was reported at that time that the BSF had to fire to prevent infiltration. The smuggling connection with that incident was also highlighted.

After this, the incident of firing by BSF in Sittai, Cooch Behar came to light on 10th April. It resulted in three deaths. BSF informed that they were trying to smuggle cattle across the barbed wire. State minister Udayan Guha claimed that BSF is oppressing the citizens of Bengal. He alleged that there is a barbed wire fence within 150 yards of the border. They are being fenced off from their territory. As a result, they are oppressed even if they are seen wandering around. Udayan claimed that even leaders like them are not exempted from BSF oppression.

On December 14, the incident of death of two people in Mekhligonj of Cooch Behar came to light. In the darkness of the night, there were many firings in the border area of ​​Bairagihat. Two bodies were recovered in daylight. Allegations of cow trafficking were raised in that incident as well.

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On December 15 of this month, the death of a BSF officer in Cooch Behar again came to the fore. He is known to be a Bangladeshi citizen. BSF said that the deceased was involved in smuggling.

The new addition is the incident of 24 December. 24-year-old Prem Burman was killed by BSF firing in Ghoshpara, Gitaldahar on Saturday morning. BSF claims that he was involved in cow smuggling. But the family claims that Prem used to work as a laborer in Bengaluru. Came home on vacation. It was supposed to leave again after a couple of days. Before that, Saturday went out to see work in their tobacco fields. BSF shot him on suspicion.

The area where Prem succumbed to BSF firing is about three kilometers from the Indo-Bangladesh border. Locals said that no cow was recovered after the incident. That raises the question, why BSF fired so far from the border to prevent cow smuggling! Trinath Barman, Trinamool leader of Dinhata No. 1 Panchayat Samiti, said, “Manu cannot go out here after evening for fear of BSF.”

In this incident, the political turmoil has definitely started. State Minister Udayan’s question, “Should he be shot even if he is a cow smuggler or not?” I am calling BSF as cow smugglers. Locals are being tortured and molested in the area. If love is a cow smuggler, is the cow rescued?”

Trinamool claims BSF is oppressing border areas

However, BJP’s Shamik Bhattacharya argues, “One cannot shoot on mere suspicion. Surely the BSF had seen something! State leaders have been attacking the BSF continuously. They want to use this incident as well.” Dinhata Police has started investigating the death of Prem.

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