Controversy Stirred as 6,103 Banned Accounts Reinstated in Australia, Including 194 for Hateful Conduct

**Controversy Surrounding Account Reinstatements in Australia by X Corp**

In recent news, the online platform X Corp, previously known as Twitter, has come under fire for reinstating thousands of previously banned accounts in Australia, including nearly 200 accounts barred for hateful conduct. This controversial move has raised concerns about online safety and moderation, prompting the country’s eSafety Commissioner to label it a “perfect storm” for online abuse issues.

**Reduction in Staff and Reinstatement of Banned Accounts**

Following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, X Corp disclosed that it had significantly reduced its global trust and safety staff by a third. The number of engineers focused on trust and safety issues decreased, leading to a reduction in the total number of trust and safety staff globally and in the Australia Pacific region. This downsizing has raised questions about the platform’s capability to effectively moderate and address online safety concerns.

**Increased Reports of Online Hate and Abuse**

The reduction in staff was soon followed by the reinstatement of a substantial number of previously banned accounts, including those with a history of hateful conduct violations. This led to an immediate increase in reports of online hate and abuse, indicating the potential consequences of reinstating accounts without adequate scrutiny or additional mitigating factors.

**Concerns and Regulatory Actions**

Julie Inman Grant, the eSafety Commissioner, expressed concern over the reduction in policy and moderation staff at X Corp, emphasizing the importance of investing in such personnel. The platform’s lack of response to questions about addressing online hate and failing to comply with the legal notice issued under the Online Safety Act has resulted in regulatory actions, including fines and disassociation from Australia’s voluntary misinformation and disinformation code.

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**Response and Public Safety**

In response to these developments, X Corp highlighted that it did not place reinstated accounts under additional scrutiny, raising questions about the platform’s approach to enforcing its terms and policies. The eSafety Commissioner emphasized the importance of public safety and brand safety, pointing out that platforms should focus on innovation, investment, and improving people, processes, and practices to maintain user and advertiser trust.


The reinstatement of banned accounts and the reduction in trust and safety staff at X Corp have sparked controversy and regulatory scrutiny, highlighting the critical need for effective online safety measures and content moderation. As concerns about online abuse and hateful conduct persist, platforms must prioritize the well-being of their users and uphold stringent safety practices to foster a secure online environment.


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