climbed to the top of the Obelisk at 68 meters high

General ecstasy throughout Argentinamore specifically in its capital. Buenos Aires hasn’t stopped being a party since Sunday the selection of Leo Messi will win the World Cup. The festivities are concentrated especially in the Obeliskone of the largest tourist spots in the city.

Just as it happened from Sunday night to Monday, this morning there was a large concentration of fans around him. A large number of people continued to celebrate the success of their team, despite the fact that the players and the coaching staff will not offer the title on the streets until noon this Tuesday.

So many parties have left the occasional dangerous image, but none as much as the one that took place on top of the Obelisk itself. One fan climbed to the top of the monument and climbed up the outside of its top. He put his life on the line 68 meters from the ground.

Television cameras recorded the moment from a helicopter. The fan is seen leaving through one of the windows that has the Obelisk at its tip. With a slight margin to support his feet, the man took several photos despite running the risk of suffering a fatal fall.

More than 80 people entered the Obelisk, while on the ground thousands of fans continued with the celebration.

The Government of Argentina decreed that this Tuesday is a labor holiday to receive the Argentine soccer team.

The measure was arranged before the flood of people expected in Buenos Aires to receive the ‘staggered‘, which arrived with the World Cup at dawn on Tuesday, on a flight from Qatar that made a technical stopover in Rome.

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As planned, the team led by Leo Messi spends the night at the property that Argentine Football Association (AFA) has in the Buenos Aires town of Ezeizavery close to the main airport in Argentina and where the plane that took the champion team landed.

La Albiceleste will star in a caravan that from midday on Tuesday will join Ezeiza with the Obelisk, in the heart of Buenos Aires and the epicenter of the festivities in the South American country.

This Sunday, before knowing the result in the final that pitted Argentina against Francethousands of fans were concentrating on one of the most touristic points of the Argentine capital, a celebration that exploded from the last pitch scored by Gonzalo montiel (4-2) in the penalty shootout.

La Albiceleste obtained its third world title, after those of Argentina 1978 Y Mexico 1986in the sixth final played in its history, which included defeats in Uruguay 1930, Italy 1990 Y Brazil 2014.

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