Christmas News – 12/23/2022 – Luís Francisco Carvalho Filho

Rice and beans lose space in grain crops used in animal feed processing. The FAB (Brazilian Air Force) starts operating supersonic fighters Gripen“the most advanced in Latin America”, acquired from Sweden during Dilma Rousseff’s government.

GDP of industryconstruction and trade remains lower than in 2014. Lula will have 37 ministers🇧🇷 Lack of food affects 22% of small farmers. Without money, poor families go without supper from Christmas.

The Federal District police observed the riot in Brasilia without arresting anyone, but then lightning strikes the Bolsonarist camp and leaves people injured. Minister Gilmar Mendes orders to disarm deputy Carla Zambelli. O fake priest Kelmon is dismissed from the orthodox church of Peru and forbidden to administer sacraments. The CNJ (National Council of Justice) blocks social networks of “Tia Carminha”Bolsonarist judge in favor of coup demonstrations.

brainless robot is a new office colleague in South Korea. In Chile, after ten years, voting is again mandatory. Have hallucinogenic spinach in australia🇧🇷 Study at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, finds signs of Alzheimer’s in stranded dolphins.

The pandemic worsens and overloads Chinese hospitals and crematoria. The coronavirus can spread from dead bodies, “like a zombie in a horror movie,” says The New York Times.

Valdemar Costa Neto circumvents Jair Bolsonaro’s apathy. Bolsonaro’s children will try to maintain their father’s relevance, “like a zombie in a horror movie”.

the supreme revokes Sérgio Cabral’s preventive, the “last prisoner of Lava Jato”. With an electronic anklet, the former governor of Rio de Janeiro spends Christmas in Copacabana.

Bolsonaro makes it more flexible logging in an indigenous area🇧🇷 Bolsonaro threatened not to renew, but he does renew the TV Globo concession for another 15 years🇧🇷 Bolsonarism leverages a taste for weapons among evangelicals. THE Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances created by Law 9.140/95 is simply extinguished.

Advance the “PL do Veneno“, bill releasing pesticides. The country has 1.4 million probable cases of dengue -980 deaths already confirmed.

the minister Dias Toffoli asks Lula for forgiveness, for preventing him, being in prison, from going to his brother’s wake. Toffoli took the Army to the STF.

At the end of the Bolsonaro government, the Supreme Court declares unconstitutional the secret budget🇧🇷 Admitting “incomplete cognition”, the Attorney General of the Republic is now against the secret budget. Augusto Aras will try to fix the image of exempt and will not give Lula a headache.

Brazil has the first transvestite with an honorary doctorate🇧🇷 Harvard elects first black dean. O French national team goalkeeper soccer player is the son of a banker.

In the United States, for the attack on the Capitol, the Chamber of Deputies recommends the indictment of Donald Trump and their accomplices by insurrection, conspiracy, and misrepresentation. In Brazil, despite the coup conspiracy, the president of the Chamber of Deputies wants Jair Bolsonaro to be a lifelong and immune senator.

summer begins🇧🇷 Formation of cyclones brings rain and wind.

A Sheet no longer has the intelligencethe talent and courage of Janio de FreitasMarcelo Coelho and Marilene Felinto.

Suggested by “Gama Revista”, the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are ideal for detoxing from online life. However, the door of the venerable newsstand in Vilaboim square, in São Paulo, is hopelessly closed.

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