Chief Justice’s speech on the first anniversary, the people justify the existence of all the pillars of the state, the sovereignty belongs only to Allah: Anwar Zaheer Jamali

Chief Justice’s address to the first barcent, people justify the existence of all the pillars of the state…

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali has become the first Chief Justice to address the Senate in the history of the country. In his address to the Senate, he said that the Chairman Senate visited the Supreme Court for the supremacy of the institutions and my The visit of the Senate is a link in the series of measures for the importance of institutions. In his speech, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali said that mainly the people are the ones who are going to benefit from the constitution. The state is founded on the principle of democracy, which is explained in the constitution, the society justifies the existence of all the pillars of the state, the expectations of the people are the standards for evaluating our performance.

The Chief Justice further said that in the constitution, supreme sovereignty belongs only to Allah and the people are the owners of political sovereignty, which is vested in the people through elected representatives. Life is elevated and for this purpose all the institutions have been bound to cooperate with the Supreme Court.

He said that we have to check our performance with great wisdom and zeal. In the preamble of the constitution, it is written that the residents of the state should have social, religious, individual and collective freedom, but we are failing to fulfill the mandate of the constitution. The responsibility of promoting a just state is the responsibility of all government employees. I have directed the Law and Justice Commission to take steps to keep public opinion as informed as possible.

The Chief Justice said that if it is said in a very simple way, it will not be wrong that we all are subject to the law and not to any individual, furthering his point about the constitutional requirements, he mentioned Article 5-25 of the Constitution. would like to do according to which all citizens are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law, every citizen has the inalienable right to be treated according to law. The supremacy of the law is actually a religious concept, which is confirmed by the view of the constitution that all sovereignty belongs to Allah, to which Iqbal has also drawn attention in his “skew” and said that “standing in the same line Mahmood Vayaz said, “There was no servant, nor any servant.”

The concept of establishing a just state under the constitution is not merely a process of law and regulation but it is the legal justification of the state. This thought provides motivation for the establishment of a justice-based society as well as moral and political justification for connecting the society, so our state should aim to ensure that all policies and legislations are in line with the vision of the Constitution of Pakistan. should be

The Chief Justice said that the citizens of the state should see that no one is above the law and that the law is made for public interest. On this occasion, I will also say something about the key importance of the concept of rule of law. The rule of law is central to daily life, the conduct of state affairs, and people’s interactions. He said reforms in the police system, a review of laws, would be done. It will only aim to ensure equal access to law and justice to all sections of the society. I have directed the Lawyers and Justice Commission to ensure progress with all parties in this regard. He said that the approval or rejection of state initiatives by the society cannot be looked at in a cursory way, the legitimate expectations, needs and aspirations of the state institutions should be thoroughly and timely reviewed to maintain the trust of the people. Of course, the constitution also recognizes the need to strengthen the local state and local administration so that more parties can get involved in state affairs and look more proactively to make social harmony possible. That the poor and neglected sections of the society continue to be provided with protection and justice.

The Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan has been asked to conduct a review taking into account all these matters and to improve the information repository so that justice needs of the people can be met in a timely and fair manner. We need to study legal policy carefully to inform the legislative process and make it possible for all laws to be impartial and fair so as to maintain their acceptability and legitimacy and we also see To see that all the laws are being applied fairly.

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