‘Checo’ Pérez took pole position

Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez continued to dominate the Red Bull in it world. The Mexican driver took pole position Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and he did it after a great demonstration on the layout of jeddah. Fernando Alonso played an enormous role and returned to excite with a second place with his brand new Aston Martin in a magnificent staging for him. behind the Spanish George Russell with his Mercedes will start from the second row in the third position.

Fernando Alonso once again demonstrated that the AMR23 He is not going to bluff and he stressed on the track that he will be one of the great favorites to win in Saudi Arabia. Another exhibition in the second classification of the year that feeds the dream by ‘The mission’. Besides, Lance Stroll He also had a tremendous qualifying and will start from fifth position.

not so lucky Carlos Sainzwho was far from the leading times at the moment of truth, and could only finish fourth after his teammate was penalized ten places Charles Leclrec, who had the second best time, although he will go beyond tenth position. Once again, the Ferrari returned to run out of prize.

max verstappenThe heavy favorite to take pole position, he was unable to finish qualifying due to a problem in Q2 and will start from fifteenth place. The Dutch pilot saw how his RB-19 suffered an engine failure and kept him from being able to fight in the final assault for first place. An unexpected setback for the Red Bull team that will force them to come back on the Arab track.

This Sunday, a priori, everything is very open after the problems of Max Verstappen and with Fernando Alonso stalking ‘Checo’ Pérez in first place from the start. A fierce fight that opens on the Jeddah circuit, where the Spanish pilots, Carlos Sainz included, once again opt for everything.

Alonso, perfect

Fernando Alonso made a perfect classification. The two-time world champion squeezed the most out of his car to get as close as possible to the Red Bulls and he even dreamed of that ‘pole position’, but the level of the energy drink team is too much for everyone, even for a legend like he.

In fact, the Spaniard was the only one who fought face to face with Red Bull alongside Charles Leclerc. The Aston Martin man remained in the top positions in Q1, Q2 and Q3, being only surpassed by the pairing of Pérez and Verstappen, until his car was affected by an engine failure.

Despite the absence of the Dutchman in the final round, he could not overcome a stellar Checo Pérez. The stratospheric time of the Mexican left Leclerc and Alonso at 1.5 and 4.3 tenths. Neither the Spanish nor the Monegasque could lift the pole position and they were left with honey on their lips.

Sainz, ballast

The view on the Jeddah layout was not the best staging by Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver had the responsibility of doing his best in the face of his teammate’s penalty. In the Saudi circuit it was not his best day, but he did manage to hold on to the second row with that fourth place.

Sainz was marked by going to the limit, since he made the cuts in Q1 and Q2 in his last attempts. In addition, he saw how a prodigious George Russell also escaped him, who will fight with him for that third place on the podium. Of course, the Spaniard will have to be the main source of points for his team this Sunday and from fourth position he can always dream.

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