Change the liver! Need 22 lakh rupees! Little Rik wants to live! Will the Chief Minister help?

#North 24 Parganas: Rik Adhikari, only five years old. At this age, little Rik spends days lying in the hospital bed. Doctors said that Rik’s liver has been damaged. A liver transplant is needed to save him. 22 lakhs is needed for that. Adhikari families are sleeping at night wondering where this money will come from.

Rakesh Adhikari is the only child of Rakesh Adhikari, a resident of Malang Para in Banglani Gram Panchayat of Basirhat’s Swaroopnagar Block. And like five children he was growing naturally. After a few years, this Ekratti suddenly started to get sick. He was taken to Kolkata for treatment. It is known that he is suffering from liver disease. Rakesh Babu and his wife rushed to Vellore with their son for proper treatment. After being treated there for some time, the doctor of that hospital said that if the operation is not done within a month, little Rik may not be saved.

Rakesh Babu is a hawker by profession. Run a family somehow by hawking. He collected some money with great difficulty and took his son to Vellore. Doctors in Vellore said that little Rik’s liver has deteriorated, liver transplant will be required and it will cost 22 lakh rupees to cure him. Helpless parents burst into tears after hearing that. They can’t figure out how to get so much money, where to get it. Rakesh Babu is worried about how to raise so much money for his son’s treatment where he has to struggle to get two handfuls of food every day.

He spent all the savings he had. Forced to collect money, he returned to Malangpara’s house. Hearing about the illness of little Rik, the neighbors were also devastated. Currently, families, neighbors and even many kind-hearted people are asking for financial help for the treatment of the little one. These helpless parents are also asking the chief minister for financial help. Pray for the family of the rightful family, extend the helping hand.

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