CBF goes into recess while the world of football is in turmoil – 12/22/2022 – PVC

The CBF is in recess and will only resume working hours as usual on the 12th of january🇧🇷 It is the exact notion that the return of Qatar has returned us to the routine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes reinforce this idea. Monotony is everything that football in Brazil cannot have at the moment.

Mbappe returns to training three days after the loss to Argentina, the PSG speeds up contract renewal Messi thinking about the Champions League, the English Premier League resumes normal life on Monday (26) and Apple TV this week presents the series “SuperLiga: The War for Football” – the history of the clubs that tried to challenge Uefa and, consequently, produced a major overhaul of the Champions League.

Moves are still being made to make football more popular and generate more money in Europe.

It’s the Brazil is stopped.

The first challenge for the president of the CBF, on his return from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, will be choose the new coach of the national team🇧🇷 It is already known that Josep Guardiola will not be🇧🇷 Ronaldo Fenômeno spoke with Pere Guardiola, brother and agent of the best coach in the world. He will stay at Manchester City until 2025.

This week, Pep admitted that his contract renewal it has to do with the challenge of winning the Champions League, after twelve seasons of drought.

Carlo Ancelotti gave an interview to Italy’s national radio stating that he will not leave Real Madrid before 2024, unless he is sacked. Everything revolves around European clubs and will be like that for the next three and a half years, until the World Cup in North America.

The second Brazilian challenge is to put the League on its feet, the only way to build a championship in South America comparable to those of Germany, Italy and France.

The English and Spanish will follow one step higher.

You can no longer deceive yourself with the level of Libertadores. The Cup had only one goal scored by a player from the South American team, Arrascaeta, and three from the Croatian Championship, by Orsic, Livaja and Bruno Petkovic – remember that one?

Choosing a new coach is not easy. Even knowing that Argentina failed with Jorge Sampaoli, with prestige in Europe, and conquered the world with Lionel Scaloni, in his first experience, it is not possible to place just anyone.

Three years ago, Scaloni decided to end the mess and politics within the Argentina national team. More than a hundred guests were traveling on planes, players were bothered, nothing prospered. Scaloni won carte blanche to limit travel to athletes and coaching staff only. He called Messi, explained his plans, said he needed his presence:

“If that’s the case, I’m up for it”, said the greatest player of the 21st century.

In three years, Argentina ended its longest trophy drought, winning the Copa America and the World Cup.

Internally, Brazil is closer to approaching the centers of football knowledge in Europe than the Argentinians. Clubs in the new world champion country are messier and have less money.

The consolidation of the League, if it is formatted from a business point of view, not a political one, if it doesn’t have nitpicks of TV money, could start a new period. If the process starts with the clubs, the foundation, and goes to the top of the pyramid, the national team.

Brazil was three minutes away from the semifinal.

Today, you are three minutes away from starting the transformation.

It’s too close to be that far away.

Politics is to Brazilian football what Croatia’s counterattack was to the World Cup.

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