Carmen Calvo breaks the voting discipline of the PSOE and abstains in the approval of the Trans Law

The Trans Law has been approved this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies. The former Vice President of the Government carmen baldhowever, has broken the voting discipline of the PSOE and has abstained during the vote.

Calvo is the one who leads the orthodox feminist sector within the party, which had been very critical of the drafting of the rule as it came out of the Ministry of Equality. One of the most criticized points was the question of the gender self-determination in the case of minors.

As confirmed by socialist sources to EL ESPAÑOL, the fact that Calvo has broken the voting discipline It will not have any kind of internal repercussion for her, since it has not affected the overall result expected by her party.

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The law has gone ahead thanks to the yes of 188 deputies, 150 against and seven abstentions. Now it will have to be ratified by the Senate.

In addition to Calvo, he has also abstained Edmund Bal, showing an opinion contrary to the rest of the Ciudadanos deputies, who have voted against. This, however, does not imply any affront to the leadership of the orange party, since they had given freedom of vote.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Monterohas attended a demonstration in front of the gate of the lions of the Congress of Deputies after the vote where, to the cry of “There is a Trans Law!”, different LGTBI groups have celebrated the approval of the norm.

PSOE deputies have also attended the staging, although on a secondary level. He highlighted the presence of the former socialist deputy carla antonelli, a historic trans activist, who left the PSOE due to the vacillations of her party against the norm. Antonelli has been very close to Minister Montero, with whom she has been talking between hugs.

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end of the way of the cross

With the approval of the norm, the PSOE now hopes to give a definitive shelving to the internal division generated as a result of the Trans Law. The sector led by Carmen Calvo He was very critical from the start. with the wording of the text because they considered that it contributed to the erasure of women and that it gave legal insecurity to minors.

During the processing of the norm, the Socialists tried to calm the spirits of their ranks presenting different amendments, among them the one that put an end to the gender self determination.

The Socialists defended that it was done to provide the rule with greater “legal security” in the case of minors and in the face of foreseeable appeals before the Constitutional Court. However, given the immobility of United We Canthe PSOE ended up giving in so that the law would not fall.

Although it was expected that the feminist sector of the party would abide by the voting discipline and not distance itself from the lines drawn by the leadership, there was always speculation that it would be impossible for Carmen Calvo to vote in favour, out of principle, since she had led the internal campaign against the law.

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