Carlos III pays tribute to the “eternal light” of Isabel II in his first Christmas speech as monarch

Charles III highlighted this Sunday the Christian faith of his mother, the Queen isabel IIand paid particular tribute to the people who selflessly help those who need it most, in his first Christmas message as king.

Standing in the choir of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, just outside London, King Charles III recalled the late Elizabeth II’s deep belief in God, “the eternal light”, and in the kindness of people to help others.

“The My mother’s belief in the power of that light was an essential part of her faith. in God, but also his faith in people and it is something that I share with all my heart,” he said.

“It is a belief in the extraordinary capacity of each person to touch, with kindness and compassion, the lives of others and shine a light on the world around them,” said the monarch, who today spend Christmas at the Sandringham residencesouth-east England, with his closest relatives.

The king highlighted the dedication of the armed forces and emergency services who “work tirelessly” to keep the population “safe”, as well as “health and social care professionals, our teachers and, indeed, all those who work in public service, whose skill and commitment are in the heart of our communities.

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The monarch recognized the hardships that many people go through caused by conflict, famine or natural disasters, as well as those dealing with how to pay electric bills and keep families fed, in the wake of the crisis.

“I want to pay tribute in particular to all those wonderfully kind people who so generously give food or donationsor the most precious asset of all, their time, to support those around them,” he said.

“Our churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and gurdwaras have come together once again to feed the hungry, providing love and support throughout the year. Such heartfelt solidarity is the most inspiring expression of loving our neighbor as ourselves. “, stressed Carlos III.

The monarch also recalled the visit he made a few years ago to Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, which, he said, was “a lifelong wish”. “While Christmas is, of course, a Christian celebration, the power of light that overcomes darkness is celebrated beyond the limits of faith and belief,” he added.

“So, whatever faith you have, or have not, it is in this life-giving light, and with the true humility found in our service to othersthat I think we can find hope for the future,” the monarch stressed.

Carlos III recorded the speech next to a large Christmas tree, decorated with sustainable materials, such as paper and glass, and natural products such as pineapples.

During his years as Prince of Wales, Charles III, 74, regularly expressed concern about the threat to the environment and worked to unite governments and the public and private sectors to find solutions to the climate change crisis.

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