Brutal killings of BSF on the border

Even though the border killings are supposed to be reduced to zero, the Indian Border Guard Force (BSF) is not complying with it. Bangladeshis are being killed one after another in cruel and barbaric ways. Sometimes they shoot, sometimes they kill by torture. On December 11, a young man named Shahinur Rahman Shahin entered India without a passport-visa through the Putkhali border of Bangladesh, defying his family. On the same day, BSF members of Ghonarmath camp arrested him, beat him up and handed him over to Bangaon police station. BGB handed over Shahinur’s body to the Port Thana police through Benapole border immigration last Thursday at 10:30 pm. Shahinur’s family claimed that he was tortured to death as his body had many injury marks. BSF said Shahinoor fell ill and died in detention. The question has arisen, even after 12 days of detention, why BSF did not inform BGB about the detention of Shahinur? Generally, when a citizen of two countries is caught crossing the border, the border guards of both countries inform each other. The commanding officer of the concerned area said that the BSF did not inform the BGB in this regard. A local public representative told BBC that if any Indian enters Bangladesh illegally, we arrest him and inform the BSF. Do not torture and kill. Why does BSF torture and kill our people without informing them when they enter illegally?

Killing and torture of Bangladeshis by BSF on Bangladesh-India border is not new. It has been going on for years. It is said that Bangladesh-India border is the most dangerous border in the world. At this border, BSF shot like birds and killed Bangladeshis. Arrested and tortured. As a pretext for smuggling drugs and other goods. However, we have seen that BSF shot and killed Bangladeshis while farming in the land or fishing in the river. Sometimes they even crossed the border and killed. The agreement between the two countries to stop this inhumane behavior of the BSF on the border has not been implemented. India has not and is not keeping its commitments. According to statistics from the Center for Law and Arbitration, BSF killed 23 Bangladeshis from June last year to June this year. Shahinoor is the latest to join it. According to statistics from human rights organization Odhikar, 1,253 Bangladeshis were killed by the BSF from 2000 to 2021. None of the BSF members involved in these killings have been prosecuted. Government of India has not taken any initiative in this regard. Instead BSF is being indulged instead of controlled. But it is said that India’s friendship with Bangladesh is at its golden peak. That these words are nothing but words, it is being reflected through the killing of Bangladeshis on the border. On the other hand, Bangladesh government also does not protest in this regard. The commitment to bring down the border killings to zero, there is no strong effort to implement it. BSF does not follow any border policy.

India also has borders with its other neighbours. Such behavior of BSF is unheard of in those borders. From this it is evident that the foreign policy of those countries is very strong, as a result of which the BSF cannot do any kind of misbehavior. Even on India’s arch-nemesis Pakistan border, BSF does not dare to behave like that on Bangladesh border. But despite India’s excellent relations with Bangladesh, BSF is killing Bangladeshis on the border. How this is a good relationship and how logical it is to claim it is incomprehensible. Needless to say, all the interests and demands that India has made to Bangladesh have already been fulfilled. In return, Bangladesh got nothing of its minimum demands. It can be said that India is discriminating against Bangladesh in the name of friendship. Our government is digesting it. According to many, this display of submissiveness is the root cause of the border killings. The government should take proper attitude and steps to protect the lives and property of the citizens.

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