Britain Braces for Storm Isha: Travel Disrupted by Powerful Winds

Britain is currently under a strong wind warning due to a winter storm named Isha. The country is facing potential “danger to life” in some coastal areas as well as roads and properties near the coasts. The Meteorological Office, also known as the Met Office, issued this rarely used warning, highlighting the severity of the situation. The storm, which is generating wind gusts between 73 and 90 miles per hour, has affected various parts of the United Kingdom, including Capel Curig in Wales and Killowen in Northern Ireland.

Unusual Weather Patterns

Grahame Madge, a spokesperson for the Met Office, emphasized the unusual nature of the storm, stating that it has brought impacts to most of the U.K. The strong winds, with speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour, are expected to continue overnight. Mr. Madge attributed the storm’s intensity to a cold plunge in the east of North America, which has created a very strong jet stream, propelling areas of low pressure, such as Storm Isha, across the North Atlantic.

Impact on Travel

The storm’s effects are not limited to the U.K. alone. The National Air Traffic Services have implemented temporary air traffic restrictions due to adverse weather conditions across the country. This has led to flight cancellations and diversions. Dublin Airport in Ireland reported the cancellation of 114 flights and diversion of 36 flights to other airports. Furthermore, Shannon Airport in County Clare, Ireland, warned of potential flight disruptions, while Manchester Airport advised passengers to stay updated on any changes resulting from the high winds. The adverse weather conditions are not only causing potential damage to buildings, such as tiles being blown off roofs, but they also pose a risk of power outages and interruptions in communication services.
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Warnings and Precautions

The Met Office emphasized that the storm could lead to injuries and pose a danger to life, especially in coastal areas. The issuance of a yellow weather warning for Isha advises the public to take preventative action, given the risk associated with the prevailing weather conditions. Similarly, Met Éireann, Ireland’s meteorological service, issued amber wind warnings for Sunday and Monday, with a red storm warning covering coastal areas in the north of the country.

Disruptions and Closures

The storm has also led to the closure of roads and bridges, impacting road, train, air, and ferry services. Network Rail Scotland suspended its services on Sunday, with lines remaining closed on Monday due to the deteriorating weather forecast. More than 7,300 homes were without power in Britain and Wales, while in Ireland, over 170,000 homes, farms, and businesses experienced power outages as the storm swept across the country.

Recommended Safety Measures

In light of the storm, the Met Office urged residents to secure loose items outside their homes, such as bins, planted pots, and garden furniture, to prevent any potential damage or harm. While tornadoes are not uncommon in Britain, the current storm’s severity and potential impact on populated areas make it a cause for significant concern.


In conclusion, Storm Isha has brought about unprecedented weather conditions that have disrupted travel and posed significant risks to life and property in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is crucial for residents and travelers to stay updated on the latest weather advisories and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being during this challenging period.


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