Breaking News: Finance Minister Sitharaman Unveils Removal of Direct Tax Demands and Faster Processing Time in Budget 2024

The recent announcement made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the Budget 2024 presentation has sent ripples across the financial landscape, with several significant changes and initiatives unveiled. Let’s delve into the key details and implications of the latest budget.

No Alterations to Income Tax Slabs

During her Budget speech, Finance Minister Sitharaman highlighted that there will be no modifications to the existing income tax slabs for the upcoming financial year. This means that the income tax slabs and rates introduced in the previous budget will continue to persist, providing clarity and stability for taxpayers.

Relief for Taxpayers

One of the pivotal announcements made by Finance Minister Sitharaman pertains to the withdrawal of outstanding direct tax demands. She emphasized the need to address long-standing tax demands, mentioning the removal of direct tax demands up to ₹25,000 for the period up to the financial year 2009-10 and up to ₹10,000 for financial years 2010-11 to 2014-15. This move is expected to alleviate the burden on honest taxpayers and facilitate the process of refunds.

Industry Experts' Insights

Industry experts have shared their perspectives on the budget proposals. Pramod Kathuria, the Founder and CEO of Easiloan, noted that the government has upheld the existing income tax slabs without major changes. He highlighted that while the new tax regime introduced last year remains the default option, the old regime is also available for those who prefer it. However, there were no significant announcements concerning tax deductions or exemptions as expected. Meanwhile, Sujit Bangar, the Founder of, expressed contentment with the decision to eliminate petty income tax disputed demands. This aligns with the government’s efforts to reduce litigation, signaling a step towards simplifying the tax administration process.
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Measures to Alleviate Tax Burdens

Apart from the withdrawal of outstanding direct tax demands, the government has introduced measures to lessen tax burdens and streamline administration. Notably, the proposal encompasses waiving outstanding direct tax demands for specific fiscal years, benefiting approximately 1 crore taxpayers. This strategic move aims to simplify tax administration and provide relief to individuals grappling with tax obligations.

Faster Processing Time and Relief for Taxpayers

Finance Minister Sitharaman shed light on the improved processing time for tax returns, signaling a favorable shift from 93 days in the 2013-14 fiscal year to just 10 days in the current year. This enhancement in processing time not only signifies efficiency but also leads to expedited refunds for taxpayers, addressing a crucial aspect of financial management.


In conclusion, the Budget 2024 announcement by Finance Minister Sitharaman has put forth several significant measures and initiatives aimed at easing the tax burdens on individuals, simplifying tax administration, and ensuring a faster processing time for tax returns. The continuity in income tax slabs further provides stability and predictability for taxpayers, contributing to a conducive financial environment. As the implications of these budget proposals unfold, it is imperative for taxpayers and businesses to stay abreast of the ensuing changes and adapt their financial strategies accordingly.


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