Breaking: More customers than ever are abandoning their current account provider” “Ditch and switch: Current account customers set new record for provider changes

In the final quarter of 2023, the number of current account customers switching their bank or building society reached a record high. According to the Current Account Switch Service (Cass), 433,701 switches were facilitated between October and December 2023, marking the highest quarterly total since the service launched over a decade ago. This surge brings the total number of switches since the service’s launch in September 2013 to an impressive 10.2 million.

What Drives the Increase in Switching?

Account holders may be enticed by various incentives and promotional offers, as well as tailored services that better align with their needs. The Cass ensures a hassle-free transition by automatically transferring payments to the new account and providing a guarantee that safeguards account holders from financial repercussions in the event of any switching complications.

Noteworthy Figures and Trends

In November 2023, a staggering 162,637 personal, small business, and charity accounts were switched, marking the highest monthly number on record. It’s notable that offering cash incentives continues to be a driving force behind the surge in new business, as confirmed by finance expert Andrew Hagger. The data also revealed that NatWest experienced the highest net switching gains, followed by HSBC UK, TSB, and RBS, while Santander and Barclays encountered net switching losses during the same period.

Cash Incentives and Future Projections

The significance of cash incentives in spurring switching activity is further emphasized by Andrew Hagger’s observation that HSBC and NatWest’s offering of £200 for switching significantly influenced their robust performance. However, Alastair Douglas, the chief executive of TotallyMoney, predicts a potential decline in switching numbers as the availability of switching offers tapers off in 2024. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether this signifies the eventual fading of cash incentives as a motivator for switching.
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Insights from Industry Experts

John Dentry, the product owner at Pay.UK, emphasized the pivotal role of online and mobile banking in consumers’ preference for new current accounts, even amidst other financial benefits and higher interest rates. He also highlighted the growing significance of the service in facilitating over 10 million switches, underscoring the quick, free, and convenient process it offers to those seeking a new current account.

The Future of Current Account Switching

As the market evolves and interest rates stabilize, it will be intriguing to observe how current account switching dynamics are affected. The surge of switching activity in the lead-up to the Christmas period signals the continued importance of the service in empowering consumers and businesses to capitalize on a dynamic banking market and find current accounts that best meet their requirements.


The record-breaking surge in current account switching underscores the shifting preferences and priorities of customers, necessitating a proactive response from financial institutions to cater to these changing needs. As the industry witnesses ongoing developments, the role of incentives, ease of switching, and digital banking experiences are poised to shape the future landscape of current account services.


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