Breaking free: Asia’s Next Generation of Business Leaders Seek to Carve Their Own Path

**Asia’s Next Generation of Business Leaders: Carving Their Own Path**

The landscape of business leadership in Asia is undergoing a significant transformation as a new generation of individuals seeks to redefine the traditional paradigms and embrace purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

**Challenging Traditions and Embracing Change**

Abe Lim, a 27-year-old Malaysian, exemplifies the shifting dynamics within family businesses. Despite being groomed to take over her father’s profit-centric enterprise, Lim’s vision traversed towards prioritizing social and environmental impact over monetary gains. This fundamental shift led her to clash with her father’s established business model, ultimately culminating in her departure to pursue her own ventures.

**Pioneering Sustainable Initiatives**

Lim’s entrepreneurial journey saw her venturing into innovative initiatives such as recycling discarded plastic into functional products through her enterprise, Purpose Plastic. Her unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and profitability underscores the emergence of a new breed of leaders driven by a dual bottom-line approach.

**Catalyst for Change**

Komal Sahu, from the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, highlights the pivotal role played by the younger generation in reshaping the ethos of business ownership. By championing socially conscious investing and advocating for the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors into investment decisions, these emerging leaders are spearheading a paradigm shift.

**Aligning Values with Family Legacy**

Marianna Lopez Vargas, hailing from the Philippines, embodies the convergence of personal and familial values. As a pivotal figure at the Oscar M Lopez Center, she is actively involved in driving the family’s commitment to climate change research and sustainable business practices. The strategic decision to divest from coal and pivot towards renewable energy underscores the proactive stance adopted by the newer generation.

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**Elevating perspectives through Dialogue**

Fernando Scodro, a Singapore-based entrepreneur, epitomizes the significance of effective communication and dialogue in bridging generational divides. His endeavor to enlighten his family about socially conscious investing serves as a testament to the crucial role of open and respectful discourse in fostering an environment of mutual understanding and innovation.


The emergence of Asia’s next generation of business leaders epitomizes a pivotal juncture in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. Their fervent pursuit of purpose-driven initiatives, commitment to sustainability, and adept navigation of intergenerational dynamics underscore a transformative ethos that amalgamates tradition with innovation, redefining the contours of business leadership in the modern era.


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