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#Kolkata: The Central Investigation Agency ‘Enforcement Directorate’ has launched an investigation into the primary teacher recruitment process. The CBI is also investigating on the orders of the High Court. In the meantime, last week, ED had sent all the information regarding the recruitment of primary teachers since 2011. The Board of Primary Education sought time for giving that information.

According to sources, the Enforcement Directorate has sought detailed information from the board within two days. But since 2011, it is not possible to give all the information related to the recruitment within two days, the Board of Primary Education has asked for time from the Enforcement Directorate. According to sources, a detailed letter has already been sent to the Enforcement Directorate regarding this matter.

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The letter mentions that recruitment in the year 2011 or earlier would have been done under different rules. Basically, at that time, the primary teachers were appointed by the chairmen of the DPSC of different districts or the primary school education councils of the respective districts. Therefore, it has been mentioned in a letter from the board that it will take a lot of time to get the information. According to the board sources, since 2011, this recruitment process was done by the primary school education council of various districts. As a result, the board officials feel that it will take a lot of time to get the information from them. .

However, the primary education board has sought recruitment information from the primary school board chairmen of various districts since 2011. Although his information was sought within two days, no information has reached the board from the offices of the primary school education council of different districts. Due to this, the board officials felt that it would take a lot of time to prepare the recruitment information.

Although the letter sent to the Enforcement Directorate did not mention any specific time frame, it has been indicated in the letter sent by the Board that it will take at least one to one and a half months to prepare the entire recruitment information, according to Board sources. However, Gautam Pal, the new president of the Primary Education Board, did not want to give any response on this issue. However, once the detailed information is received by the board officials, they will hand over all the information related to the recruitment to the Enforcement Directorate.

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However, after sending this letter on behalf of the board, it is also known that no reply has reached the board from the ED. On the other hand, the primary education board is already starting both the primary TET and the recruitment process. In that case, it will take some time for the preparation stage for this new recruitment and taking the new test. In that case, the officials of the Primary Education Board think that it took some time to give the information related to the recruitment from 2011.

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