BNP’s 27-point outline is not just a political statement

State in repair BNPWelcoming the 27-point outline announced by various Islamic groups, it is a timely step. BNPThis outline proposal is not a mere political statement but a reflection of strong will. The Islamic movement will announce a comprehensive and sustainable framework for state reform at the national conference on January 2. The leaders of the Islamic party said these things in a meeting and statement on Tuesday.

Islamic Movement Bangladesh: Joint Secretary General of Islamic Movement Bangladesh Maulana Gazi Ataur Rahman said, Islamic Movement Bangladesh has been talking about repairing the state since the beginning. The founder of Islamic Movement Bangladesh, Amir Dal, named the Islamic Regime Movement to turn the speech of state reform into a public demand. Today when the outline of the state repair is to taste power in the past; Awareness has been created among the current opposition political parties and we welcome it when they make a declaration. BNPThe 27-point outline proposal is not merely a political statement but a reflection of strong will.

He said, however, the Islamic movement wants to remind Bangladesh that the country will lose its way again if Islam is not taken as the basis for the repair of the Bengali Muslim majority state. Islam is the main motivation of thousands of years of joy and tears, movement and struggle of the people of this country. Islam has guided the people of this country for thousands of years. Islam is the only solution to repair the state made up of those people. He said that whoever was in power after independence took advantage of this irreparable dysfunctional state system. The tendencies of all parties in power earlier were and are still the same.

Maulana Gazi Ataur Rahman said, dishonest leadership can destroy any good thought and initiative; Which has been proven time and again. In the last 52 years, no government has been able to build a sustainable and acceptable election system in the country. Although the opposition party talked about repairing the state, it could not make any new sustainable proposals regarding the electoral system. Islami Andolan Bangladesh will announce a complete and sustainable outline in this regard in the national conference on January 2, Inshallah.

He said these things in the president’s speech at the ongoing political situation review meeting under the initiative of Islami Andolan Bangladesh at the party’s central office in Purana Paltanstha on Tuesday afternoon. Under the direction of Engineer Ashraful Alam, Joint Secretary General of the party, Joint Secretary General Muhammad Aminul Islam, KM Atiqur Rahman, Professor Syed Belayet Hossain, Maulana Ahmad Abdul Qayyum, Alhaj Abdul Rahman, GM Ruhul Amin, Barkat Ullah Latif, Maulana Lokman Hossain Jafri were present in it.

Islamic Unity Alliance: Repairing the state structure BNPExpressing his support for the 27-point outline, the Chairman of Islami Oikya Jot and President of Bangladesh Nezame Islam Party, Advocate Maulana Abdur Rakib said in a statement today that the development of democracy and the establishment of the rights of the people BNPThe 27-point outline is a timely step. he said BNPTake initiatives to implement the proposed 27-point outline. BNP The 27-point outline has been presented with the aim of protecting the constitutional rights of the people and creating a fair political environment. The rulers should not be treated with indifference.

Democratic Left Unity: Bangladesh in repairing the state structure BNPThe Democratic Left Unity expressed full support for the 27-point outline proposed by In an emergency meeting held at the central office of Democratic Left Unity this Tuesday morning BNPThe leaders of the alliance expressed their support by reviewing the 27-point outline. The meeting was attended by the coordinator of the alliance and the Communist Party of Bangladesh General Secretary Harun Chowdhury, former student leader of Social Democratic Party Abul Kalam Azad, Samajtantrik Mazdoor Party General Secretary Samshul Alam and PDP Secretary General Haroon Al Rashid Khan. In the meeting, the leaders of the democratic left united to repair the state structure BNPHe made a policy decision to fight the movement simultaneously in unity with and decided to participate on behalf of the alliance in the next mass march of 30 December.

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