Bitcoin’s New Year Rally Falters as Traders Await ETF Decision

Bitcoin investors were met with a sudden downturn in the new year rally as the market analysed the Federal Reserve’s policy stance and awaited the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision on the bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The price of bitcoin experienced a significant drop of over 4%, reaching $42,685.85, according to Coin Metrics. This decline followed the cryptocurrency’s surge to as high as $45,913.30, its peak since April 2022, just a day prior.

Impact on Other Cryptocurrencies

The downward trend wasn’t limited to bitcoin alone. Ether, another prominent cryptocurrency, witnessed a decrease of more than 6%, falling to $2,221.27. The broader market also suffered with Solana declining by 7%, Ripple’s XRP falling 6%, and litecoin and dogecoin sliding 10% and 9%, respectively.

ETF Approval Speculation

There was growing apprehension among investors regarding the likelihood of the SEC approving the ETF as anticipated by bitcoin enthusiasts. Despite this, Bernstein analyst Gautam Chhugani expressed confidence that any price dips related to the ETF would present opportunities to invest in bitcoin and bitcoin miners. Additionally, Darius Tabatabai, co-founder of decentralized exchange Vertex Protocol, pointed out that the crypto market had been exhibiting signs of overheating due to sustained bitcoin price increases over the past seven months.

Market Stability Concerns

Tabatabai also highlighted concerns regarding leveraged prices in illiquid markets, indicating that such conditions do not augur well for stability. As evidence of potential instability, bitcoin funding rates, a reflection of fees set by exchanges to maintain equilibrium between derivatives contract prices and asset prices, reached their highest level since October 2021 at the end of December.
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Federal Reserve's Influence

The price fluctuations in the bitcoin market were also influenced by the stance of the Federal Reserve. Richmond Federal Reserve President Thomas Barkin suggested that while a soft landing was imminent, the possibility of interest rate hikes remained on the table. The Fed’s minutes from its latest meeting indicated the potential for policy to remain restrictive for a period, based on inflation levels. This macroeconomic context, as highlighted by Zach Pandl, director of research at Grayscale Investments, suggested a broader trend of market weakness in stocks, bonds, and gold alongside a strengthening dollar.

Historical Performance and Future Outlook

January historically has not been a consistently robust month for bitcoin, with only five out of the last 11 years yielding positive returns. Nonetheless, it’s essential to recognize that before the recent rally, bitcoin had undergone a three-week consolidation period, concluding December with a 12% gain. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market leader had achieved an impressive 157% surge throughout 2023.


The bitcoin and wider cryptocurrency markets are currently experiencing heightened complexities and volatility driven by a confluence of factors, from regulatory decisions to macroeconomic indicators. Investors are tasked with navigating this intricate landscape, which demands a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and the ability to discern potential opportunities amidst the turbulence.


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