Bigg Boss 16: Angry netizens call Tina Datta an ‘OG Naagin’ for again blaming Shalin for her weak game! | Television News

New Delhi: One thing Bigg Boss 16 will be remembered for if nothing else, the Shalin – Tina saga, a controversial relationship where Shalin protected her & Tina repeatedly disrespected him.

Last night’s episode was high on drama with Shalin being the center of the conversation as Tina was reprimanded for her game by the host. As Tina requested to speak with Salman Khan in private, she was called into the confession room where she again put the entire blame on Shalin for her mistakes in her Bigg Boss journey & called him out. While Salman tried to put some sense into her, the fans have not taken this lightly. 

For weeks, the netizens have been calling out Tina for being mean & disrespectful towards Shalin and also many have alerted the latter for being used by Tina for her convenience. Tina has professed her love for Shalin & has also gone ahead & denied it flatly on national television. A day ago, Tina & Shalin has quite an intimate moment inside the house which the same fans are questioning as that is not what you see between two people who claim to be just friends. 

Fans have flooded Twitter with their opinions & some of them are hard pills to swallow:







The two wild-card entrants have also tried to directly warn & protect Shalin by exposing Tina’s game. We hope some sense prevails & Shalin sees people for who they really are!


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