Biden supporters targeted by deceptive robocall in voter manipulation scheme

Recent reports of fake automated phone calls masquerading as President Joe Biden have surfaced, urging New Hampshire residents to abstain from the state’s Democratic primary and remain at home. The attorney general has condemned these calls as an “unlawful attempt” at voter suppression, emphasizing their disruptive nature in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary election and the need for voters to disregard their content entirely.

Unlawful Attempt at Voter Suppression

The impersonation of President Biden’s voice in these deceptive robocalls has raised significant concerns about the manipulation of voter behavior. The caller advises recipients to withhold their votes for the November election and emphasizes the importance of electing Democrats in an attempt to dissuade participation in the primary race. The message suggests that voting in the primary would favor the re-election of Donald Trump, reinforcing its coercive nature.

Investigation and Impersonation

The Attorney General’s office has initiated an investigation into these fraudulent calls, highlighting the possibility of call “spoofing” to create the impression of originating from a local political group working for Biden‘s re-election. Despite ongoing efforts to attribute the calls to responsible parties, the exact source remains unknown, leaving the extent of their impact uncertain. Furthermore, the recording’s artificial generation further complicates the identification of the perpetrators behind this voter manipulation scheme.

Biden's Response and Write-In Campaign

In light of the dispute over the primary election date, Biden has opted not to register for the New Hampshire primary, resulting in his absence from the ballot. As a response, Democratic activists have launched a considerable campaign encouraging voters to write in Biden as a candidate, introducing a new dynamic into the primary race. The outcome of this write-in effort and its potential impact on Biden’s performance in the state remains to be seen.
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Ensuring Election Integrity

Amidst these deceptive tactics, it is imperative for authorities and the public to remain vigilant in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process. The dissemination of misleading information through robocalls and similar means not only undermines the democratic principles of free and fair elections but also jeopardizes the trust and confidence of voters in the electoral system.


The deceptive robocalls targeting Biden supporters in the New Hampshire primary underscore the significance of combating voter manipulation and ensuring the transparency and integrity of electoral processes. This concerning incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts required to safeguard the fundamental right of individuals to participate in elections without external coercion or deception. As the investigation progresses, it is essential to address such deceptive practices and uphold the democratic values that form the cornerstone of the electoral system.


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