BetFirst BNXT League: looking forward to American injection at Liège on the tenth matchday

Niels Van Den Eynde receives tonight with Liège Charleroi. © BELGIUM

On the 10th matchday of the BNXT League, tonight (8.30 pm, Huy) we look forward to Liège-Charleroi. The Walloon clash is given even more pigment by the American takeover of MSG Group of the financially troubled Liège. The match will be broadcast live on Play Sports and Pickx Sports tonight from 8:25 PM.

Patrick Ceulemans

Liège was taken over earlier this week by the American Mickael Sports Group (MSG). It is the first Belgian basketball team ever to be taken over by foreigners. The fact that the MSG Group, with Pete Mickael and David Gutterie, has some brokers who accommodate Americans in Liège is a questionable situation, especially for young Belgian talents. Ernie Cambo, founding member of MSG, is the new owner/chairman of Liège. The debts were immediately paid off and with AJ John and Anthony Cambo, son of …, two American acquisitions from their own “stable” have already been dropped at Liège. Also an American coach Brad Greenberg, an Israeli assistant Daniel Gutt and an American Director of Operations (Adam Kaplan). Whether the two players and new coaches can effectively make their debut at Liège tonight was not yet clear on Friday evening. That depended on whether the administration was ready in time. If not, Olivier Frédéric, the second assistant under Lionel Bosco and physical trainer from Liège, will have to take over. After all, coach Lionel Bosco has been fired. Not an ordinary situation for coach Sam Rotsaert and Charleroi either. They therefore do not know which Liège they will compete against tonight.Daren Queenan in Aalst, Justin Cage in Bergen Tonight two Americans who played in Belgium for a long time will be honored. Daren Queenan, the star player from 1992 to 1999 with the Ajuinen and perhaps in the top-5 best Americans ever in Belgium, attends the Flemish classic Okapi Aalst-Oostende. Okapi Aalst-Oostende is always a spicy duel in the Forum. However, the coastal team is also the favorite on the road against an Okapi who is playing strongly this season. At Mons, shirt number 8 is taken out of rotation and hung high in the ridge of the Mons Arena. Justin Cage, present tonight, worked with the Hainaut from 2009 to 2022 with this number and is probably the American who has been working for a club in Belgium the longest. Cage made his debut in Belgium at Liege and in the 2008-2009 season. Bergen-Limburg United and Leuven Bears-Antwerp Giants are important duels towards the top-5 and the Elite Gold after the first Belgian phase (18 match days) of the BNXT League

Justin Cage will be honored by Bergen tonight. © Rudy DECLERCK

7 out of 7 for Kangaroos Mechelen? Tonight it is also a question of whether co-leader Kangoeroes Mechelen can flush the cup hangover in its own Winketkaai with a seventh consecutive victory and against red lantern Brussels. The Maneblussers are in the lead in the BetFirst BNXT League with 6 out of 8 and Ostend.

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