Bankura News: 3 very important tips for business success, know and you will benefit too

Bankura: If you want to do business, you have to take rickshaws. Either you win or you learn. The journey of Parashmani Organic and Agri Products Private Limited is about 12 years. The campaign was not easy, in spite of various setbacks, he continued to work hard, today the people of West Bengal and the whole of India know the name of Parashmani.

First of all, it is good to say that this company is mainly located in the red soil of Bankura. Parshamani of Bankura has created an agricultural revolution in the red laterite soil of Bankura. The family business of the Sen family started with the business of rice seeds. Tapan Kumar Sen, father of the company’s current director, Siddharth Sen, started the rice seed business in 2003. Almost ten years have passed today.

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Tapan Kumar Sen’s son Siddharth Sen is currently an officer of Parashmani Organic & Agri Products Pvt. Siddharth Babu’s foresight, field survey and passion for Indian agriculture took Parash Moni to a new horizon. Since childhood, Siddhant Sen wanted to do something in agriculture, so after doing BSc Agriculture and MBA Agriculture, after working for two years, he realized that business was pulling him. In 2006, Siddhant Sen took charge of Parsamani. Since then, there was no need to look back. Parshmani is spread over 60 acres of land in Bankura.

Parashmani is showing a new direction in organic agriculture besides making rice seeds, experimental cultivation of horticulture, exotic fruits in different countries and abroad, nursery seedlings, pond fish.

A new revolution in biotechnology has started in Bankura district of West Bengal with the help of Parsamani under the initiative of Siddharth Sen. Parashmani successfully represented Agriculture Biotechnology at the recent Kolkata Biotech Park. In this regard, Siddharth Sen said ”Agriculture is a science, in the field of agriculture, not only about today, but the future days should be considered beyond the present. Biotechnology is the future of agriculture in India. The biotechnology sector still needs some mitigation time to successfully commercialize it.”

The turnover of the company was one to one and a half crore rupees when the business mutton took the decision into his own hands. Between 40 and fifty crore rupees. A few years ago, in the field of agriculture, many people would not recognize the name of Bankura outside of Bankura. To remove this regret, Siddhant Sen decided to create an agricultural revolution by taking the hand of Parash Moni. Today, before Malda Murshidabad, Bankura is known for mango cultivation. Parashmani has a special role in this activity. Parshamani of Bankura has been recognized at the state level about five times for producing high quality mangoes.
India has now developed a system of capitalism. From entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to small business housewives.

Everyone wants to understand or learn business. Financial self-reliance and earning money has become a key goal nowadays. In this regard, Siddharth Sen said, “If you want to achieve business success, you should not delay. Not forever! If a good idea comes to mind, try to do it today. The market should be understood and market study should be done. Business is a battle so don’t give up midway, it takes time and effort to grow a business just like growing a small tree”.

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