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#Dhaka: Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) raided his house and found a large quantity of foreign liquor. After that, Bangladeshi actress Parimoni was arrested. After searching the house, the actress came on live and told about her fear. According to media reports, about 30 bottles of foreign liquor were found from the actress’s house. Apart from this, they recovered blotting paper and some amount of drugs for intoxicating LSD. RAB took Parimani’s house into their custody in the evening after searching Parimani’s house for more than three hours. Not only Parimoni, but also her car driver and a house worker have been arrested along with the actress.

The famous writer of Bangladesh Taslima Nasrin is very angry about the whole incident. In several posts on Wednesday, the writer spoke indirectly about the position of girls in Bangladesh. Then on Thursday night, Taslima went public with this. He highlighted some statements written in the police report and raised questions on the net. According to the police, the writer writes a list of Parimani’s crimes. Parimani’s crimes written in eight points are, ‘Smritmani aka Parimani came to Dhaka from Pirojpur and got an overnight chance in cinema. Bottles of foreign liquor were found in his house. He has a mini bar in his house. Parimani drinks, now she is addicted to alcohol. A producer named Nazrul Islam, who helped him get into films, sometimes comes to Parimani’s house, drinking. DJ party was held at Parimani’s house. Narcotics were found, including ice (their appearance, however, was not shown). Parimani has a license to consume or collect liquor, but it has expired, he has not yet renewed it.’

Taslima claims, none of these fall under the crime, but even the actress was ‘arrested’! The author’s question, ‘Where is the crime? The crime for which expensive Glenfiddish whiskeys were confiscated, the girl was arrested, remanded! Looking for true crime. Has anyone been forced to swallow drugs, cheated the girl, killed someone? looking for crime Or being a girl is the biggest crime?’

After that, the controversial writer wrote that she heard that Parimoni, a daughter of a poor family, has worked hard to make her place in Dhaka’s industry. Mentioning that, anger of the writer, men are praised when they work hard from poor, miserable families and achieve success. But in the case of women, it is said, ‘What happened, she must have slept!’ Taslima’s question, ‘If he is sleeping, is he forced to sleep against someone’s will? Raped someone, like men rape girls day and night, any rape like that?’

The writer said on the internet, ‘Drinking alcohol, keeping alcohol, having a mini bar in the house is not a crime. It is not a crime to come home with friends and drink together. DJ partying at home is not a crime. It is not a crime to go to the cinema with someone’s help. Taking a chance at modeling with someone’s help is not a crime. A stimulant pill is not a crime if he takes it himself. It is also not a crime to take pictures through Nangto. Delay in license renewal is not a serious offence.’ The question of the author of shame, but is Parimani’s crime seen so seriously in the eyes of the law and society just because she is a girl?

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