Bangla News || In Calcutta, there is a commotion around a wedding, two people exchange garlands in the temple! Everyone is surprised to know the identity

Kolkata: After two gay men, this time the city witnessed the marriage of two gay women. Breaking the tradition, Maumita and Mousumi are holding each other’s four hands. Bagdar Moumita Majumder and Moushumi Dutta of Chingrighata got married with God as a witness. After talking on social media, the closeness increases between each other.

It is known that Moumita Majumder rushed to Kolkata from Bangaon a few days ago. Maumita holds Moushumi Dutta’s hand to end the love affair. “Just as a tree cannot live without water, I cannot live without it,” claimed both. Not only that, Moumita is also taking responsibility for Moushumi’s two children.

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Moumita said, ‘I told my family to go to him, but they did not agree. The family does not accept our relationship, so I ran away from home helpless.’ Having accepted each other with God as their witness, but now if the family does not agree, they will both go somewhere else. “We got married with Mother Kali as a witness and married in memory of Maumita with vermilion. We know society will not accept us, but I want to stay with her,” said Maumita.

“Even if I live, I will be with him, and even if I die, I will be with him. If the police administration wants to kill us, then we have to kill both of us together.” And if you want to keep them alive, then you have to keep both of them”, said the newly married couple. As soon as this incident came to light, the two family members were worried. They also said that they will fight hand in hand with each other in any situation. Already, the news of the marriage of these two gay women has gone viral on social media, and the net world is in a frenzy.

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