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John Podesta Takes the Helm as Biden’s Global Climate Representative, Replacing John Kerry

John Podesta will take over as Joe Biden's global climate representative in place of John Kerry.

Health-care Stock Trimming and Hedging Bets on China Business Ahead of Earnings

Strategic trimming of health-care stock ahead of earnings to hedge bets on business in China.

Pressure Mounts on French Government as Farmers Demand Deal in Face of Nationwide Impact

Pressure mounts on French government to negotiate with farmers for a fair deal as nationwide protests escalate.

National Recall Issued for Neptune’s Fix Products: Serious Health Risks Detected

Neptune's Fix products recalled nationwide due to serious health risks, take action to protect your health now.

Deadly H5N1 bird flu hits Antarctic penguins for the first time

Deadly H5N1 bird flu strain claims first penguin victims in Antarctica.

Breakthrough Ovarian Cancer Treatment Speeds Toward FDA Approval as New Chemo Alternatives Offer Hope: Advances in the Fight Against Cancer

New ovarian cancer treatments on fast track for FDA approval as chemo alternatives show promise.

Biden Halts Expansion of Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminals: What’s Next for Energy Industry?

Biden administration puts a hold on LNG export terminal approvals.

Sturgeon’s Adviser Admits Mistake in Pushing for Zero Covid Strategy

Read an adviser's admission about pushing for zero Covid to tackle Nicola Sturgeon's COVID-19 approach.

Saving the Eastern Curlew: Tanya Plibersek Takes on Wetland-Wrecking Project at Toondah Harbour

Protect the eastern curlew from destruction at Toondah Harbour - Tanya Plibersek must take action now!

Pharma Leaders to Face Senate Grilling on Drug Prices

Merck and J&J CEOs to speak at Senate hearing on drug pricing.

Climate Change Takes Center Stage in the 2024 Agenda After Activists’ Monumental Victory

Activists score a major victory as climate issues take center stage on the 2024 agenda.

European Central Bank Investigates Lenders’ Risk with Spanish Drugmaker Grifols

Discover how the ECB is investigating lenders' exposure to Grifols, a major Spanish drugmaker.