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Merck smashes expectations with strong Q4 earnings in 2023

Discover the key highlights from Merck's Q4 earnings report for 2023.

Crackdown on Fake News: Russia Set to Introduce Tougher Laws Against Army Disinformation

"Russia to crack down on spreading false information about the army with stricter laws."

Arsenal closes in on Liverpool in title race after dramatic win over Nottingham Forest

Title-chasing Arsenal close the gap on leaders Liverpool with a 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest.

Your Zodiac Forecast: What’s in Store for You This Week!

Discover what the stars hold for your week ahead with personalized horoscope readings.

Elon Musk’s Weed Smoke Sparks Year-Long Drug Test and FDA Marijuana Debate: What You Need to Know

The FDA may redefine marijuana as a lower-risk drug after Elon Musk's drug testing controversy.

AOC claims Biden’s 2024 campaign overlooks her as Obama and Clinton team up for fundraiser

AOC calls out Joe Biden for not seeking help for 2024 campaign as president's team organizes fundraiser with Obama and Clinton.

Comedian Jay Leno seeks conservatorship for wife as she battles dementia

"Jay Leno seeks conservatorship for wife's estate amid dementia battle."

New York Reaches Historic Settlement for Reforms in Cuomo Accusations Case

The Justice Department has reached a settlement with New York for reforms related to Cuomo accusations.

Get Ready: The 100-Year Extinction Panic Strikes Again!

The resurgence of the 100-year extinction panic is a timely reminder of the urgency to protect our planet's biodiversity.

Romney Slams Trump’s Immigration Stonewalling as ‘Appalling’

Mitt Romney condemns Trump's immigration stance as appalling.

Tesla’s Earnings Report Sends Shockwaves Through Asian EV Market as Suppliers’ Shares Plummet

Tesla suppliers and Asian EV makers face stock declines following Tesla's recent performance.

Market Buzz: Treasury Yields Surge in Anticipation of Key Data Releases

Stay ahead of the market with the latest on rising Treasury yields and key data releases.