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AI Matchmaker: Man Uses Artificial Intelligence to Find Perfect Match on Dating Site!

"Discover how one man used AI to find his perfect match on a dating site in this intriguing RT Entertainment article."

Embracer’s Latest Takeover Claims Eidos Montreal and Puts Deus Ex Game in Jeopardy

Embracer's acquisition of Eidos Montreal spells the end for Deus Ex game development.

Surprise Snub: Hollywood Shut Out of China’s Top Ten Films of 2023

China's top ten films of 2023 revealed, with Hollywood noticeably absent from the list.

Is Microsoft Saying Goodbye to Physical Games?

Find out why Microsoft's decision to shut down its physical games division could have major implications for the gaming industry.

Iconic ‘Rasputin’ Songwriter Passes Away at 83

Iconic 'Rasputin' songwriter passes away at 83, leaving a lasting legacy in the music industry.

4Chan user leaks exciting news about upcoming Deux Ex remake announcement

Upcoming announcement of a Deux Ex remake confirmed by 4Chan user.

Depardieu Sexual Assault Claim Dismissed by Prosecutors

Depardieu sexual assault claim dismissed by prosecutors.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift spotted cheering on Kansas City Chiefs at playoff game in Buffalo

Taylor Swift shows her support at the Kansas City Chiefs playoff game against the Buffalo Bills.

Breakthrough: UK Scientists Spearhead Rollout of World’s First Routine Malaria Vaccine Program

UK scientists pioneering the world's first routine malaria vaccine programme.

Creator Jesse Armstrong Rules Out ‘Succession’ Spinoffs: Here’s Why

HBO's 'Succession' creator shuts down rumors of spinoffs for the hit show.

Greek archaeologists uncover treasure trove of gold and silver jewels in ancient temple

Discover the stunning find of an ancient temple filled with valuable gold and silver jewels in Greece.

Emily in Paris Actress Ashley Park Fights Critical Battle with Septic Shock

"Emily in Paris actress Ashley Park hospitalized for critical septic shock."