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Bots and Short Sellers: The Downfall of First Republic Bank

Learn how bots and short sellers caused the downfall of First Republic Bank and the impact it had on the financial industry.

FBI successfully thwarts China Volt Typhoon infrastructure hacks

The FBI successfully dismantles China's Volt Typhoon infrastructure hacks.

Ancient Fish’s Unique Lip Formation Shocks Ocean

Discover the ancient fish that changed the ocean's game with its distinctive lower lip.

SpaceX Sends Northrop Grumman Cargo Ship to Space Station on Historic Mission

SpaceX successfully sends Northrop Grumman cargo ship to space station.

Tech Giants Alphabet and Microsoft Crush Earnings Expectations, But Wall Street Is Unimpressed

Wall Street penalizes Alphabet and Microsoft despite exceeding earnings expectations.

Study Suggests Alzheimer’s May be Transmitted between Humans in Rare Medical Mishaps

Study suggests Alzheimer’s can be transmitted between humans in rare medical accidents, raising concerns about disease transmission.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Successfully Implants Brain Chip in Human

"Elon Musk announces successful implantation of Neuralink brain chip in human."

Japanese Flight Controllers Successfully Reconnect with Tipped-Over SLIM Moon Lander

Japanese flight controllers successfully re-establish contact with tipped-over SLIM moon lander.

Cutting Edge: Tech Giants Lay Off Thousands in Shift to AI Technology

Tech companies cut jobs amid AI shift; workforce shrinking as automation takes over.

Unveiling the Mystery of Dark Galaxies: When Stars Vanish into Invisibility

Uncover the mysteries of dark galaxies and the nearly invisible stars within them.

Unveiling OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo: The Next Generation of Lightning-Fast AI Trained on Data up to April 2023

"Discover OpenAI's groundbreaking GPT-4 Turbo, the faster AI trained on data up to April 2023."

Invasive Ants Shift Lion Hunting Habits, Scientists Revealed

Lions adapt hunting habits due to invasive ant, scientists reveal.