Attempt to defame Bengal! Earlier, Mamata was summoned, the director of the film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ has been summoned

Calcutta: He had already opened his mouth that there is an attempt to defame Bengal Mamata Banerjee. This time the director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ (The Diary of West Bengal) Sanoj Mishra has been summoned by Kolkata Police. He will be questioned about the content of the film. He has been asked to appear before May 30 (Kolkata Police).

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the content of films like ‘The Kashmir Files’, ‘The Kerala Story’. It has been alleged that false and distorted information has been presented in the film as truth. The Supreme Court also recently directed that the film ‘The Kerala Story’ should have statutory warnings. The Supreme Court ordered the declaration that the film is not realistic, the whole is the imagination of the director.

And within this controversy, the controversy surrounding the film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ has started. Recently, a complaint was filed against the film at Kolkata’s Amherst Street police station. The complainant claimed that the purpose of the film is to defame Bengal. It is reported that the director of the film has been summoned for questioning based on that complaint.

It is said that the director Sanoj has been summoned to verify the authenticity of the content of the film which is being made called ‘The Diary of West Bengal’. Although the director claims, the real intention is to harass him. So it was summoned by the police. The director said, “The film depends on the origins of Bengal. We are making films about social inequality, unemployment, people’s suffering, politics of appeasement in Bengal. We have shown the politics of vote bank, how people do not support the government. Trust in the judiciary. I have. But the law should not be misused. In fact, efforts are being made to suppress the voice of truth. I request Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister to look into the matter.”

The shooting of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ is 60 percent complete. The trailer of the film has already been released. It referred to Bengal as ‘Second Kashmir’. Not only that, it is alleged that the film has directly targeted the minority community. “If Muslims are the majority in the population, Sharia law will prevail”, it is also mentioned. In Bengal, Hindus are being persecuted, their houses are being burnt, yet the state government is not taking any action against the people of a community, the trailer says. The film is also said to be based on true events.

As soon as the trailer of the film came out, the controversy started. The director claims that he has portrayed the law and order situation of Bengal in the film. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata had already spoken about this. He commented that films like ‘The Kashmir Files’, ‘The Kerala Story’ and above all ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ were made for a special purpose. He claimed that BJP is also behind this film. This time Kolkata Police summoned the director of that film.

It should be noted here that Wasim Rizvi aka Jitendra Singh Tyagi is the producer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’. He is the former chairman of Shia Central Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh. He converted from Muslim to Hindu. He was also charged with hate speech at the controversial Dharma Sangsad held in Haridwar. Earlier he also made a film called ‘Ram Ki Janmabhoomi’.

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