Argentina receives its champions

The January 6 Commission recommends filing charges 4 against Trump. A court order reverses the cessation of Title 42 enforcement at the border. This is what you need to know to start the day. First the truth.

1. Argentina receives its champions

This Tuesday is the celebratory reception at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires for the players of the Argentine team. It’s a holiday in the country, so that people can celebrate the World Cup title. At what time and where will the route of the Scaleneta take place?

2. The 5 historical moments of Lionel Messi in the World Cup in Qatar

The great protagonist of Argentina’s third star is Lionel Messi, who, in case there was any doubt, became a living legend with his World Cup consecration at the age of 35. For this reason, we show you the 5 great moments of Messi in the World Cup in Qatar.

Analysis: Messi wins his World Cup 2:52

3. They support the application of Title 42

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily suspended termination of a controversial Trump-era healthcare policy with immigration effects on Monday.known as Title 42, which was scheduled to end on December 21.

Implications for migrants of the suspension of Title 42 2:52

4. They recommend filing charges against Trump

The Capitol Hill Storm Commission on January 6 used its last public meeting Monday to sum up its 17-month investigation with a simple closing statement: All roads lead to Donald Trump. The Commission referred Trump to the Justice Department on at least four criminal charges, saying in its executive summary that he had evidence of possible charges of conspiracy to injure or disable an official, as well as seditious conspiracy.

January 6 Commission Recommends Criminal Charges Against Trump 4:13

5. Qatar 2022: what the World Cup left behind beyond Messi and Argentina

No newspaper article that seeks to summarize what the Qatar 2022 World Cup was like can ignore the finale of the film, which not even the best Hollywood scriptwriters could have written. The coronation of Argentina in an epic final against France will remain in the memory of all football lovers, and even those who look at it from the side, for being perhaps the most dramatic and even implausible in history.

Argentina, world champion by the hand of Messi! 1:55


at coffee time

Homicide is one of the leading causes of death among children in the US.

Homicide is one of the leading causes of infant death in the United States, according to a new study. The overall rate has increased by average of 4.3% each year for almost a decade.

The reaction to the “bisht” cape they put on Messi shows the cultural fissures of Qatar 2022

For some, it was the finishing touch to a tournament considered by many to be the best World Cup in history. However, for others it ruined the moment. Mistake of the event or intolerant response?

We explain the meaning of the cape that Messi wore after winning the World Cup in Qatar 3:04

The strange ways in which tourist destinations tried to win visitors in 2022

When they’re good, they’re iconic. When they’re bad, at least you can laugh. We’re talking about destination advertising campaigns, when tourist attractions bid for you to decide to spend your hard-earned money on vacations, producing wacky videos and entire web pages to grab your attention.

Vacations 2023: the best travel destinations, according to NatGeo 1:39

Amber Heard reached an agreement with Johnny Depp in defamation case

The actress said she “hasn’t made any admissions” and that the deal is “not an act of concession.” She pointed to her experience with the American legal system. as part of their motivation for deciding to settle the case.

RBD excites their fans: are they about to announce a possible return of the band?

The members of the Mexican group RBD arrived this Monday with an early Christmas present for his followers.

The artists of the pop group RBD meet again 1:00


the figure of the day


Messi’s official shirt with the Argentina team is sold out. StockX, a popular reseller website, has some units for sale for US$ 500.

Messi shirt is sold out worldwide 0:47


quote of the day

“The past, stepped on. Slate clean 🤟🏽

This is how Sergio “el Kun” Agüero reacted to the message Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez’s congratulations to Argentina’s victory in the World Cup. Álvarez had criticized Messi during the group stage for a video in which the Argentine appeared to kick a Mexico shirt.

Thalía and other celebrities celebrate Messi’s triumph 1:40


And to finish…

The best aerial images of the celebrations in Argentina

Argentina’s party for the World Cup victory has spread throughout Buenos Aires. We show you the best images that We have captured from a drone the celebrations in Argentina.

Buenos Aires from a drone: Argentina’s celebrations 1:29

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