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Beijing: It is written in the book that this happens in the world of magic. At hand’s reach there is a coat that matches the imagination, which when pressed on it, I am here, this is not the magic begins. A whole person becomes wind in the blink of an eye. On the contrary, HG Wells’ science fiction The Invisible Man also comes up – there, of course, is the man who is invisible, visible to the naked eye.

However, it is difficult to say when the fantasy and science that emerges from the pages of the book and catches up in reality. As it happened in China, a group of students made a coat that could disappear without wearing it. So, is this disappearance like a fantasy novel, or what, like the writings of Wells? The entire coat does not disappear?

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This is the reason why fantasy and Wales are brought up again and again – the InvisDefense coat stands on top of these two. They chose this cheeky name for their new invention. And from here the game of matching the context begins. It is not difficult to understand that Inviz is the abbreviation of Invisible. But why the defense? Why is the matter of self-defense included with this name?

Wang Zheng, a professor at Wuhan University’s School of Computer Science, has pointed out that matter. He says that in today’s technology era, we are monitored by cameras everywhere. In a country like India, it is okay to leave the office, but there is camera monitoring on the streets as well. Hence the invention of the InvizDefense Coat to maintain privacy and dust in the eyes of the camera when necessary. Which will effortlessly fool camera monitoring day and night.

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A report by the South China Morning Post has simplified the complex scientific and technical matter of how the coat is made, how it will work, for the benefit of the general public, and we will follow that path. It is said that this InvizDefense coat uses technology on the surface, which can fool the camera’s algorithm. There is nothing very difficult about it. A camera is just a machine – it has no eyes, no brain. As a result, it is able to identify any human, based on the algorithm set by the manufacturers. That is, the camera captures our image, after which it identifies whether it is a human or another animal according to its own algorithm.

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This is where the invizdefense coat made by Chinese students will distract the camera’s monitoring power. This confusing work will be done again according to different rules according to the difference between day and night. That being said, during the day, the InvizDefense coat will confuse the surveillance camera’s algorithm, so even if the camera can understand a shape, it won’t be able to identify exactly what it is or who it is. And at night the temperature pattern will play this game of confusion. In fact, when there is no daylight, the infrared camera detects people as humans based on body temperature. Here a temperature will be radiated, making it difficult to understand the infrared capabilities of the object caught in the frame.

So what is seen, this camera is also doing the work of making the contact disappear, and the quote is also visible. People won’t disappear here, they’ll be more suspicious in front of everyone’s eyes, said Wei Hui, a Chinese student associated with the discovery. Is it understood why the word defense was added to the name of the coat?

There is no problem if you don’t understand. Again we will return to Professor Wang Zheng. He openly states that the use of this InvizDefense coat will give many advantages in battle. In anti-drone combat or human-machine confrontations, the InvizDefense coat will come in handy to overwhelm the enemy.

Undoubtedly, this InvizDefense coat will grab the first prize in an innovation competition produced by Huawei for such a novel invention. It is known that the price of such a coat is currently set at 500 yuan, which means 5 thousand 904 rupees and 15 paise as of today’s Indian currency!

The price is pretty low, isn’t it? In this wedding season, more expensive suit-coats will be worn by many people!

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