Apple releases Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad »

A Apple fulfilled his promise and launched this Tuesday (23) the Final Cut Pro and the Logic Pro for iPad. Users now have access to two powerful video and music editing tools, which were previously only available for Mac.

The announcement made in the beginning of the monthhas many content creation enthusiasts looking forward to its release.

Final Auto Pro and Logic Pro for iPad

Final Cut Pro para iPad

Final Cut Pro is a video editing application widely used by professionals in the film industry. Now, with its iPad version, Apple promises to bring this professional experience to the palm of users’ hands.

Final Cut Pro’s touch interface has been completely redesigned, using multitouch gestures to manipulate clips and perform quick edits on the fly. Magnetic Time Line.

Innovative features such as Live Drawingallow users to draw and write directly on videos using Apple Pencil.

In addition, the artificial intelligence present in the resource Scene Removal Mask allows removal of backgrounds without the need for a chroma key.

The application also offers advanced features such as Auto Cropwhich automatically adjusts the video frame to different aspect ratios, and the Voice Isolationcapable of removing unwanted noise from audio.

Users can import clips from the app Files or from Photos and store them directly in a Final Cut Pro project.

Also, you can import projects from iMovie for iOS and export them to Final Cut Pro on Mac.

The app is already available for download in the App Store.

Logic Pro para iPad

Logic Pro, Apple’s music production application, is also available for the iPad.

With its optimized touch interface, users can explore a wide range of tools and resources to create high quality musical compositions.

The application uses multitouch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom e swipe-to-scrollto facilitate navigation and editing of compositions.

Users can also make fine adjustments using the Apple Pencil. A new sound library, with dynamic filtering, helps musicians find the ideal instruments, presets and samples for their productions.

One of the advantages of Logic Pro for iPad is its compatibility with other Apple apps and platforms. It is possible to send projects to the Logic Pro on Mac and export them to Final Cut Pro no iPad.

Furthermore, projects of GarageBand for iOS can be opened directly in Logic Pro for iPad, giving you even more creative and collaboration options.

The app is already available for download in the App Store.

Apple is banking on the portability and versatility of iPads, bringing two of its most popular professional tools to the platform.

This is also Apple’s first foray into the world of subscription apps. Users will be able to purchase a monthly subscription for each app for R$29,90 or opt for the annual option of R$299.

And for those who are still undecided, the company offers a one-month free trial, so users can explore all the features before making a decision.

With Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro now available on iPad, video and music editing professionals and enthusiasts have more flexibility and convenience in content creation.

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