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#Dubrajpur: Yesterday, the Delhi court allowed the ED to take Anuvrata Mondal to Delhi for questioning in the cow smuggling case. After this order of the court, the police took Anuvrata into their custody. Police want Anuvrata Mandal to be taken into custody on the charge of trying to kill a grass worker. A new FIR was filed yesterday against Trinamool district president of Birbhum.

On the basis of that FIR, the police reached Asansol jail this morning to take Anuvrata into custody. Anubrata Mondal has already been brought to the Dubrajpur court. He will be produced in court shortly. Anubratra has been booked under multiple non-bailable charges including attempted murder. The opposition alleges that this action of the police is to stop the unruly Delhi Yatra.

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According to police sources, a Trinamool activist named Shiv Shankar Mandal, a resident of Meje village in Durgapur, came to Dubrajpur police station yesterday and lodged a complaint against Anubrata Mandal. According to the complaint of the Trinamool worker, he thought of joining the BJP before the assembly elections in 2021. But after learning about that, Anubrata Mondal called him to the Trinamool party office in Dubrajpur, strangled him and tried to kill him.

On the basis of this complaint, the police filed a new FIR against Anuvrata Mandal yesterday evening. On the basis of that FIR, the police are going to apply to the court today asking Anubrata to be in their custody for fourteen days.

According to ED sources, the sudden action of the police to take Anuvrata into custody will be reported to the Rouse Avenue court in Delhi. The ED officials are questioning why the police suddenly registered an FIR in an incident that is more than a year old. Incidentally, yesterday the Rouse Avenue Court of Delhi informed that the ED can take Anuvrata Mandal to Delhi and interrogate him. As per the order, Anuvrata is to be kept in Tihar Jail. Saigal Hossain, the former bodyguard of Anubrata Mandal and another accused in the cow smuggling case, is currently imprisoned there. There is also a possibility of face-to-face interrogation of the two.

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The opposition camp has also moved on the issue. BJP leader Rahul Sinha alleged that the state police started this operation to stop the illegal Delhi Yatra. However, he thinks that the attempt will not be successful. CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty also made the same complaint.

Shiv Thakur Mandal, a Trinamool activist who made the complaint, said, ‘When I first became the Panchayat head, I was removed by a vote of no confidence on the orders of the Keshdar. I thought of switching to another party before the last assembly polls. That somehow reaches the ear of the investor. One day after that, Kestada called me to the Dubrajpur party office, strangled me and tried to kill me. I returned home holding my grandfather’s hand. Since then, I thought that if I get a chance, I will seek justice for this insult. Now Kestada is in jail. So I am complaining and asking for proper justice from the administration.’

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