Amritpal Singh: Continuous 25 km chase, even the hands are tight! Pro-Khalistan Amritpal ‘returns’, Article 144 in Punjab

Chandigarh: Hundreds of police, half army deployed. Closed Internet Service, Final Action. After that a long chase by the armed police. Even so, Punjab’s pro-Khalistan, separatist Amritpal Singh remains elusive. Instead, in the last 24 hours, one after another dramatic events are happening around him. First, it is known that he was chased and dropped in a house. After that, it is known that he was arrested by the police. But later it came to know that six associates of Amritpal have been arrested by the police. But before the convoy stopped, the armed police went to arrest Amritpal. At this moment, he is returning to the police register.

The atmosphere around Amritpal was tense throughout the day in Punjab.   Amritpal left for Shahkot tehsil of Jalandhar in a car. In that situation, the police chased him. After passing about 20-25 kilometers, the last mesh was brought to Mehtpur in Amritpal. The police surrounded the entire village. All roads to Shahkot were closed. After that, the police arrested Amritpal’s associates. It is reported that a lot of illegal weapons have been recovered from them. But it is known that Amritpal was successful in driving a car to get the hands of the police. Amritpal’s native Jallu Khera village has been cordoned off with armed police and paramilitary forces. Section 144 has been issued in several districts of Punjab. High alert has been issued in Himachal Pradesh along with Punjab. hand  Punjab Police is hopeful that Amritpal will be arrested soon, despite the crackdown. A case has been registered against Amritpal and his accomplices under the Unlawful Arms Act. Punjab Police and Rapid Action Force are conducting searches across Punjab. But despite such tight security and preparations, how did Amritpal get away with it?

The police managed to recover the car in which Amritpal fled. 315 bore pistols, swords, walkie-talkies were recovered from it. The car was recovered from Salima village in Jalandhar. Due to these incidents since Saturday, the situation in Punjab is very tense at the moment. A decision has been taken to shut down internet services in the entire Punjab till Monday. All SMS services will also be suspended except for bank transactions. Even dongle service for mobile network has been decided to be stopped in public interest. It is heard that the central government may hand over Amritpal’s case to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Pro-Khalistan separatist leader and self-proclaimed Sikh cleric Amritpal. An extremist named ‘Waris Punjab De’  Amritpal also runs the organization. Actor and social activist Deep Sidhu started the organization. Deep died in a road accident in February last year. Since then Amritpal has been running the organization. He is allegedly inciting Punjab for the past few days. 

Earlier, on February 23, the situation in Punjab was tense. Arrest of Amritpal’s associate, accused in the kidnapping case, Lhavpreet Singh, sparked protests and agitations. Amritpal led that too. His followers took to the streets with swords and guns. They broke the barricade and entered a police station in Njala. He obtained the assurance of Lakspreet’s release from the police. It led to a skirmish with the police. Six policemen, a superintendent of police were also injured.

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