Also crazy about vintage? Marc gives you tips and inspires you with his own favorite items

“I’m quite nostalgic by nature, which explains my predilection for vintage anyway, but after my divorce about twelve years ago I bought more vintage furniture. On the one hand out of financial necessity and on the other hand out of love for the craft. Pieces that I had grown tired of after a while, I then sold back. With profit. So is Long Live The Vintage eventually arise.”

“I like to vary my interior. However, some pieces are here to stay. I keep objects that I would sincerely miss if they were gone. That’s my point of reference. My side table, made by the Belgian manufacturer Bois Manu on the occasion of Expo 58 in Brussels, is one such piece. On the one hand because it is a beautiful, interesting object, on the other hand because it is a souvenir specially designed for the world exhibition. I myself grew up in Wemmel, at the foot of the Atomium, with a mother who visited the expo and always spoke highly of it. That must have been an incredible event at the time. For example, many had really saved for years for an entrance ticket and drank coca-cola, filter coffee and instant soup for the first time. If I could go back in time, I would definitely check it out.”

“The side tables, the legs of which you can unscrew and attach to the bottom of the top, were sold as souvenirs. However, sales were disappointing then, because they were quite pricey for the average visitor. Seven years ago I paid 250 euros for them on a second-hand site, nowadays they are sold for 700 to 800 euros at auctions. There are different versions of it. Martini handed them out as a business gift with a stamp from the alcohol producer on them and they were subsequently produced in plain colours. I myself have the original object at home, with a map of the expo depicted on top of the sheet, drawn by the Belgian artist Lucien De Roeck. A nice piece for which I will always be happy to reserve a place in my home.”

My favorite style

“Art Nouveau and Art Deco. For example, I love Victor Horta’s houses because his eye for detail is impeccable. I don’t have a lot of stuff from that era, because it doesn’t fit the style of our house. I also love Scandinavian vintage.”

I go shopping here

“I don’t necessarily have favorite addresses, but I do like to browse the annual antiques market in Temploux in Wallonia. Although there are usually few bargains to be had, because it is mainly traders who promote their wares, it is certainly recommended for enthusiasts of such markets.”

This is how you score the perfect piece

“Always ask for the price, even if it seems expensive. You may be pleasantly surprised. Next, think about the price the item is worth to you. I myself have items at home that I may have paid too much for, but that I did not want to see pass by.”

Vintage stuff from Marc

© Kaat Pype

Carousel motorcycle

I paid too much for this motorcycle from an old merry-go-round, but I would have regretted it immensely if I hadn’t bought this item. I love old carousel pieces, especially from manufacturer L’Autopède.

© Kaat Pype

Cigarette poster

I bought this poster of the Luxor cigarette brand for barely 20 euros on the Temploux antiques market. A real bargain. It was professionally framed about a hundred years ago, according to the original stamp on the back.

© Kaat Pype

Strip rack

Nostalgia. That’s what this cartoon carousel is all about. My godmother used to have several in her shop. I used to go there a lot as a child. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on one from her store, but I could get my hands on one near here.

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