Allegation of corruption in housing scheme, what villagers did by blocking the road in Malda…

#Sevak Devasharma, Maldah: Harishchandrapur, Malda, was the scene of a protest over the housing scheme corruption. The deprived protested by blocking the road and burning tires. Demonstration surrounding ruling party panchayat member.

Ruling party panchayat accused of corruption in housing scheme in Malda’s Harishchandrapur. Allegedly, the real consumers have been deprived. The allegation of omitting names from the eligible list is against the panchayat worker in charge of the survey. Who is also known as the Trinamool leader in the area. At the same time there are allegations of giving house in exchange of cut money. On Sunday, the locality erupted in protest against the local panchayat member. The Trinamool leadership assured to take action against the village resource worker of the panchayat if the allegations are proved.Harishchandrapur of Maldah District- Barui Gram Panchayat belonging to block number 1. This village panchayat was earlier involved in flood relief corruption. Panchayat head Sonamani Saha was jailed for embezzling relief money for poor people. As soon as the relief corruption has not been cut, now the same panchayat has been accused of corruption in the housing scheme. Chayanpur area of ​​Barui Gram Panchayat is in turmoil due to protests. Residents complain that the names of eligible beneficiaries have been omitted from the housing scheme list. Those who do not have a roof over their heads, their names are not in the list. Instead, there are names of government officials in charge of the survey. Those who have solid houses and are financially well off.

Muktar Alam, village resource officer of the panchayat in charge of the survey in Kathgara. Allegedly, he is the one who removed the names of the genuine beneficiaries from the list. He and his relatives have alternate names. This Muktar Alam is actively involved with the ruling party. Residents complained that Muktar Alam asked them to cut Tk 20,000 for the house. Those who do not have a roof over their heads, how can they pay so much money?

In this situation, the villagers started protesting by burning tires around the local Trinamool panchayat member Kinkar Mahaldar at noon today. They demand that a new list should be published after re-surveying properly. However, the panchayat worker and Trinamool leader Muktar Alam, against whom the allegation of corruption and embezzlement, is practically innocent. As a result, no response was received from him. His family members claim that the protest is a complete conspiracy.

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On the other hand, BJP has single-handedly taken Trinamool on this issue Trinamool-run village panchayats have become arenas of corruption, they said. According to them, if the administration does not take action, the party will approach the High Court Trinamool countered that action will be taken against the panchayat worker if the allegations are proved.

Protester Nurima Begum said, “The name of our house came. But the name was cut. Muktar, who was in charge of the survey, did it.” Akbar Ali, a protester, said, “We don’t have a paved house but our names have been removed from the list. Muktar has demanded Rs 20,000 from us. But, from where will we pay?” Local Trinamool Panchayat member Kinkar Mahaldar, however, claimed, “There are no protests around me, we are the ones who are protesting. In 2018, I had sent the names of many people. Many of them have been omitted. However, I cannot say whether Muktar asked for money or not. “

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