Alibaba’s Rise and Fall: What’s Next for the Former Wall Street Darling?

In recent years, Alibaba, a prominent tech conglomerate, has encountered significant challenges that have called into question its future. Let’s dissect the events that have led to Alibaba’s decline and examine what could potentially unfold in the coming years for this once thriving company.

A Series of Setbacks

Over the past year, Alibaba has faced a series of setbacks, casting a shadow over its trajectory in the tech landscape. The cloud computing unit’s highly anticipated public listing, intended to capitalize on the burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) market, was abruptly shelved in November. This move, coupled with a substantial decline in the company’s U.S. market value, has raised concerns about its ability to align with the rapidly evolving industry dynamics. Furthermore, Alibaba’s run-ins with regulatory authorities in China have rendered it a prominent figure in the government’s crackdown on internet tech companies. In 2021, the company incurred a staggering $2.8 billion fine for purported monopolistic practices, adding to its woes. These factors, compounded by a slowdown in economic growth, have compounded Alibaba’s challenges.

Internal Turmoil and Market Position

Amidst the turbulence, internal strife has emerged as a pressing issue for Alibaba. The company’s stock witnessed a drastic plunge, plummeting to less than $77 per share from a high of over $300 in 2020. This internal discord has underscored the gravity of the challenges facing the organization. Duncan Clark, an early advisor to Alibaba, highlighted the erosion of the company’s market position and the management upheaval it has grappled with. The burgeoning prominence of domestic platforms such as Douyin and Pinduoduo has further intensified the competitive landscape, prompting concerns about Alibaba’s adaptability and market relevance.
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Cloud Conundrum: A Fierce Battle

Alibaba’s prowess in the cloud business, a once-dominant arena for the company, has encountered formidable competition, particularly from telecommunications giant Huawei. While Alibaba continues to retain its position as the leading player in China’s cloud market, Huawei’s strategic initiatives have signaled a steady ascent, posing a formidable challenge to Alibaba’s market stronghold. The shift in Huawei’s focus towards bolstering its engagement with business partners has expedited its trajectory, as indicated by market analysts. This, juxtaposed against Alibaba’s relatively delayed pursuit of a similar strategy, amplifies the intensifying competition in the cloud services sector.

Navigating the IPO Landscape

As Alibaba charts its course amidst a challenging IPO landscape, it grapples with the arduous task of delivering successful listings for its subsidiary ventures, including the Cainiao logistics business and the Freshippo grocery store chain. However, the IPO market remains rugged, particularly for Chinese companies seeking overseas listings. Evaluations from international investment firms have indicated a depreciated valuation of Alibaba’s cloud unit, underscoring the strenuous journey ahead for the organization. Nonetheless, the reservoir of customer data and expertise embedded within Alibaba and its relentless pursuit of innovation augur well for its potential resurgence.


Amidst the tumult that has shadowed Alibaba’s once-ascendant trajectory, the company stands at a pivotal juncture in its evolution. The confluence of internal discord, regulatory entanglements, and market competition delineates a landscape fraught with formidable challenges. Nonetheless, Alibaba’s intrinsic assets and enduring vision position it favorably to navigate the intricate labyrinth of the tech industry. As the company strives to realign and rejuvenate, it is poised to leverage its reservoir of expertise and customer base to drive a resurgence that could potentially reshape its narrative in the years to come.


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