Airline Safety Alert: Boeing 737-900ER Door Plugs Under Inspection by FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a safety recommendation urging airlines to inspect the door plugs on Boeing’s 737-900ER model following a harrowing incident in which a door plug blew out midflight on another aircraft, resulting in a dramatic emergency landing.

Urgent Inspection Recommended

The FAA has advised airlines to promptly check the bolts on mid-cabin door plugs on the 737-900ER to ensure they are adequately secured. This recommendation comes in the wake of an emergency landing caused by a door plug blowing out, prompting concerns about the safety and security of these components.

Similar Door Plug Design

The 737-900ER, although not part of the newer Max fleet, shares the same door plug design, making it crucial for airlines to conduct inspections to maintain an added layer of safety for passengers and crew members. Door plugs refer to exits that are sealed with a panel, rather than functioning as a conventional door.

Previous Incidents Leading to FAA Action

The recent grounding of approximately 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft and the ensuing increased oversight of Boeing’s production process by federal officials are direct outcomes of the alarming incident involving a door plug on an Alaska Airlines flight. The severity of the situation has triggered a thorough probe into potential flaws, including the role of key suppliers, by aviation authorities.

Response from Boeing and Airlines

In response to the FAA’s safety recommendation, Boeing spokeswoman Jessica Kowal expressed full support, emphasizing the company’s dedication to ensuring the safety of its aircraft. Airlines such as Delta and United have also pledged to conduct proactive inspections of their 737-900ER fleet, reassuring passengers that these measures will not disrupt flight schedules.
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Aircraft Track Record and FAA Directive

While the 737-900ER has had an impressive track record since its maiden flight in 2006, the FAA has highlighted that some operators have observed findings with bolts during maintenance inspections, prompting the need for immediate attention and precautionary measures.

Boeing's Ongoing Scrutiny

Boeing, the leading aerospace manufacturer, has faced heightened scrutiny in recent months due to various reported issues with its aircraft, including loose bolts and other defects. Legal action has been taken against Boeing by passengers who experienced physical injuries and emotional trauma as a result of these incidents.

Potential Catastrophic Consequences

The alarming nature of the door plug blowout incident has underscored the potentially catastrophic consequences had the occurrence taken place at cruising altitude. Experts have emphasized that the force of a decompression event at that altitude could have posed a substantial risk to passengers and crew members.


The FAA’s safety recommendation for the inspection of door plugs on the Boeing 737-900ER serves as a critical reminder of the aviation industry’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety. As the ongoing scrutiny of Boeing continues, it is imperative for both regulatory authorities and aircraft manufacturers to work collaboratively to ensure that all safety measures and protocols are rigorously adhered to, safeguarding the well-being of all individuals aboard commercial flights.


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