AI Matchmaker: Man Uses Artificial Intelligence to Find Perfect Match on Dating Site!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been a fascinating subject, opening up the realm of possibilities across various aspects of life. It’s not surprising that someone has ventured into using AI to find their perfect match on a dating site. Alexander Zhadan, a Russian software developer, made headlines when he successfully defended his thesis, written using AI, and then went on to use the technology to find his wife. Let’s delve into the details of this unique approach to modern matchmaking.

Outsourcing the Search to AI

After facing difficulty in finding his ideal partner, the 23-year-old programmer decided to take a different route. He leveraged a neural network called ChatGPT to handle the task of flirting and chatting with potential matches. Zhadan fed the AI information about his communication style, allowing it to engage in conversations on his behalf. While the initial interactions encountered some hiccups, the programmer dedicated time to train the system to mimic his natural communication style. This effort led to ChatGPT initiating over 5,000 conversations with women, presenting potential matches tailored to Zhadan’s preferences.

The Algorithm's Success in Finding Love

Implementing specific filters, Zhadan refined the neural network’s recommendations to align with his dating criteria. It wasn’t long before he met Karina, and the AI-driven conversations facilitated a genuine connection. Upon meeting Karina in person, Zhadan realized that the system could be further adapted to analyze their messages, offering suggestions on enriching their interactions. As their relationship blossomed, ChatGPT even went as far as recommending Zhadan to propose to Karina, affirming the strength and balance of their relationship. Following this counsel, the couple is now engaged, and Zhadan’s fiancée took the revelation of AI’s hand in the proposal with an understanding demeanor.
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The Potential of AI in Matchmaking

Zhadan’s experience raises intriguing insights into the capabilities of AI in the realm of matchmaking. The success he achieved showcases the potential for developing a general program to assist individuals in finding their perfect partner. However, Zhadan’s development is a personalized creation, tailored to his unique preferences and communication style. The AI-driven matchmaking journey not only demonstrates the power of technology in reshaping traditional practices but also highlights the personalization and adaptability AI can offer in the pursuit of romantic relationships.


The story of Alexander Zhadan utilizing AI to find love presents a compelling intersection of technology and romance. The successful outcome not only underscores the potential of AI in personalized matchmaking but also prompts contemplation on the evolving dynamics of human connections in the digital age. Zhadan’s journey exemplifies how, with the right approach and customization, AI can serve as a supportive tool in guiding individuals towards fulfilling relationships. As the digital landscape continues to influence various aspects of human life, the narrative of AI-assisted matchmaking adds a captivating chapter to the ever-evolving tale of modern love.


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