Actor reveals big secret behind character

O Spider man from Tom Holland is a somewhat different version of what we previously knew from the comics and other films of the hero, especially when it comes to the core of friendships of Peter Parker.


The absence of classic characters like the Osborns and love interests like Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy were points criticized by the most hardcore fans, in addition to significant changes in characters like Flash Thompson, who is not as much the asshole guy who bullies Peter as we are. comics and other movies.

But speaking of The Flash, the actor who plays the character in the MCU movies, Tony Revolorirevealed a secret of his character to the The Hollywood Reporter🇧🇷 He said Flash “bought your way” to MIT, as seen in the third movie:

“Flash definitely bought his way into the school, and that’s how I was playing it in my mind. When we were filming, the whole college admissions scandal was going on as wealthy parents used bribes to get their kids accepted. So we kind of joked that was the case with The Flash. So I figured that was the case, and it’s a comment.”

The actor went on to praise how the Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU handled the Flash arc to focus primarily on the social economy commentary:

“But what I also thought was great was the fact that The Flash is a person of color, so it didn’t have to be a commentary on social economics and race; it just needed to be a commentary on the social economy.”

Revolori confirmed that he helped craft that story, revealing that the actor who plays Gerald, the Flash driver seen in the second film, was originally going to play his father:

“The Flash’s driver, Gerald, was supposed to play the Flash’s father. But the day before, I was having a drink with one of the producers, Chris Buongiorno, and I think I said to him, ‘What if your parents, after all this, still don’t show up?’ So it turned out to be a funny joke, but we shot both versions with this actor as Flash’s father and Flash’s driver. So the driver version ended up being the funny one, and that’s the one they ended up using.”

Flash in the MCU has a different background, constantly being shown as a boy with absent parents, a narrative that the actor helped to create and maintain in the films and that will probably continue to be explored in the next Spider-Man films, if Flash returns.

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