ABP Live Exclusive: Pacer Mukesh Kumar Gets Highest Price Ever For A Bengal Cricketer, Said He Is Morose For His Late Father

Sandeep Sarkar, Kolkata: His phone has been ringing continuously since Friday afternoon. Can’t even pick up everyone’s phone. Bengal pacer Mukesh Kumar got another surprising information from ABP Live after seeing a known number. Who was bought by Delhi Capitals from Kochi mini auction for five and a half crore rupees.

Mukesh is the most expensive Bengal cricketer to play in the IPL so far. He also surpassed Sourav Ganguly. Sourav earned the maximum 4 crore 37 lakhs in IPL. Mukesh’s price increased by 1 crore 13 lakhs more than him. The excited Bengal pacer said, ‘I did not know this information. Very happy. It feels good to have reached this place as a representative of CAB and Bengal cricket.

Ancestral house in Gopalganj, Bihar. From there, Kashinath Singh came to Calcutta for his livelihood. He used to drive a taxi when he came to Bengal. He thought that he would bring his son to Calcutta and put him to work. The state of running out of salt to bring to the world. But listen to the boy! His meditation knowledge cricket.

The right-handed medium pacer was playing for the Shivpur club. Meanwhile, CAB is launching ‘Vision 2020’ camp to bring out future cricketers under the initiative of Sourav Gangopadhyay. Mukesh was saying, ‘Club owner Ravi Mitra and coach Birendra Singh sent my name to Vision’s camp. I first practiced there under the supervision of Walker Younis and later TA Shekhar. Then I got a chance in the Bengali team.

Consistent performance for the Bengali team. Mukesh is knocking at the door of the national team. Durant bowled for India in the Test against Bangladesh. According to many in the Indian cricket world, the 29-year-old pacer would have been seen in the senior Indian team for the Test against Bangladesh if not for the injury. Where Joydev Unadkot is playing in Mirpur Test.

Mukesh is currently undergoing rehab at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. From there, he was saying on his mobile phone, ‘I am happy to get such a big amount. But money is not important to me. It would have been nice if I had got a minimum bid of 20 lakhs. I wanted a chance. Being able to get on the field is what came to me. Delhi gave me that opportunity. I am grateful.’

past IPLWas also in the Delhi Capitals camp. But as a net bowler. Mukesh says, ‘Maybe I would have got a chance in the team if someone got injured. But the atmosphere in the Delhi Capitals camp impressed me. I was there as 6-7 net bowlers. We were considered like other cricketers. Never realized that I am a net bowler. Coach Ricky Ponting played me in 2 practice matches. He liked my bowling. No one had such a mindset as a net bowler. Even if I ever felt pain, I would rest. One day I was tired. Ponting gave sir 2 days rest. I knew that the team is always on everyone’s side. Great atmosphere.’

I have not seen the auction myself. How did you get the news? Mukesh says, ‘A friend from Howrah called and said, what are you doing? Then he said, open the TV. That’s when I found out. Then I told everyone at home. Everyone is very happy.’ At home in Bihar, mother, grandparents, nephews and nieces all congratulated on the phone.

But Mukesh is sad for his father even on the happy day. Father passed away. Mukesh says in an emotional voice, ‘I may be in a daze now. But at night when I sit alone to eat, my eyes will tear. Father has suffered all his life. Couldn’t see today. Father’s dream has come true.’

Mukesh also thanks Saurabh. Saying, ‘Grateful to Saurav sir. If not for the Vision 2020 project, I would not have come to this place. This time the responsibility increased a lot. Play well and earn the trust of everyone.’

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