Abdellatif will spend 24 years in prison for shooting his wife point-blank for asking for a divorce

Abdellatif has never been the same since he was released from prison in March 2020 after serving a sentence for drug traffic. This Moroccan was obsessed with the possibility that his wife, Saloua, was unfaithful. In such a way that he exercised iron control over her over all her movements in the Murcian town of Águilas The woman did not denounce him for gender violence because she did not want the father of her two children to go back to jailbut that submission ended up costing him his life -from a point-blank shot- two summers ago.

These facts are considered proven by the Provincial Court of Murcia in a sentence that has just been issued with an exemplary prison sentence against Abdellatif: 24 years and 9 months in prison. All this, after holding a trial in which his own daughter, a teenager, brought the private prosecution against her father, hiring the prestigious criminal lawyer Eduardo Muñoz Simó.

In fact, the young woman defined the head of the family in the Chamber as a “toxic” and “jealous” person who exercised submissive behavior over her mother. “My father mistreated my mother: she was dead in life. The physical and mental abuse was constant”, according to what the young woman exposed to the members that made up the popular jury.

The ruling states that this Moroccan did not have the slightest mercy to end the life of the woman with whom he had shared two decades of relationship and had two children. Abdellatif killed Saloua after he informed that he wanted to end his marriage, marked by the gender violence and the infidelities of the head of the family.

“During the afternoon of August 29, 2020, the defendant Abdellatif Aouifa went to look for a shotgun that he had deposited days before in the basement, entered the dining room with it, approached his wife who was sitting on the sofa and pointed it at the weapon, a very short distance from his chest, sticking it to the area of ​​the heart and shooting him at point blank range, which caused the death of Saloua. Due to the instrument used and the way in which it was used by the defendant, Saloua had no possibility of defense”, as stated in the ruling of the Court in the section on proven facts.

An image of Saloua with her co-workers in a local hotel.

An image of Saloua with her co-workers in a local hotel.


“The defendant hurriedly left the building, got into the Volkswagen brand vehicle, Golf model, with license plate XXXX, owned by the deceased, and hid from the Police, eventually being located thanks to citizen collaboration, around 2:20 a.m. August 30, 2020, hiding inside a stranded boatlocated on a plot of street Professor J. Hernández Sevilla de Águilas”.

“At that time, the defendant had already discarded the firearm with which he deprived Mrs. Saloua Afif of her life. This shotgun had been in his possession without the appropriate license and was in perfect working order.” That August 29, Saloua became the 24th woman to lose her life in Spain in 2020in a macho crime that took away a mother who always had good advice for her children and who worked hard as a cook in the hospitality sector, with the aim of ensuring that her children did not stop studying.

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From the moment of his arrest, Abdellatif confessed to the agents of the Civil Guard that he had shot his wife with a shotgun. The ballistics report concludes that six 12-gauge spherical lead pellets were found on Saloua’s body: he had no chance of surviving such a point-blank shot. In the oral hearing, held at the Provincial Court, the popular jury considered “proven” that Abdellatif was the author of a murder, perpetrated with treachery.

They also considered it proven that he used a firearm for which he did not have a license. Thus, the Provincial Court condemns Abdellatif Aouifa, as author of a crime of murder, with the aggravating factors of kinship and gender, and the extenuating confession, to the penalty of 24 years and 9 months in prison.

“The defendant Abdellatif Aouifia is also imposed the measure of probation for 10 years, the content of which will be specified once the custodial sentence has been completed.” The Chamber also ruled on the future of the two children of the late Saloua, who will continue to live in Águilas with her aunt. “The defendant Abdellatif Aouifia is deprived of the exercise of parental authority, regarding his minor child.

The prestigious criminal lawyer Eduardo Muñoz Simó, in his office in Águilas.

The prestigious criminal lawyer Eduardo Muñoz Simó, in his office in Águilas.

The lawyer Eduardo Muñoz Simó reflects that “it is a sentence adjusted to lawwhere all the facts requested by the private prosecution exercised by the daughter of the victim are considered proven and that allows her to feel that she has been supported by Justice”.

Simó insists on the forcefulness that the Chamber has had when it comes to punishing a sexist crime that dismayed the residents of Águilas. “We are extremely satisfied with the content of the ruling by the extraordinary verdict of the jury and in turn, the statements collected by the presiding magistrate of the jury court in which the domination to which this man subjected his wife is accredited”.

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