Note: This long novel is derived from English, but with significant changes in characters, dialogues, and events. Presented for the first time to ARY News readers.
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As Drayton opened his eyes, he felt a sharp pain. He had never sunbathed in his life, his skin was burning and burning from head to toe. He cried: “Oh…it hurts so much!”
A middle-aged man with an umbrella passed by, saw Drayton in distress and advised: “Son, you have burnt yourself badly in the sun’s rays in ignorance, go and apply aloe vera to your skin.” Apply to the body, it will relieve you of pain.
Instead of thanking the middle-aged man, Drayton began to berate him. “Hey dude, have I asked you for advice, do your job, get out of here.” I’m a fool, I know I’ve been burned by the strong sunlight.” I’m enjoying myself just thinking about it.” With that he stepped forward and Drayton angrily jerked his towel away, sending sand flying onto the bystanders. “Mommy, that stupid guy put sand on my sandwich,” cried one child.
Drayton rudely approached, picked up the child’s empty tiffin box, filled it with sand and turned it upside down in the child’s hair. He refilled the empty box and turned it over to the picnicking family’s basket full of food and drinks and said to the baby’s mummy: “Tell that chick of yours to shut up, or I’m going to take out his bum right away.” Saying this, he threw Tiffin into the sea, and then walked towards the hotel.
Not far away, he saw a cosmetic shop and entered it, it said “Sun and Fun.” Sand was still sticking to his body, which was also falling inside the shop. Seeing this, the salesman felt very bad. He stepped forward and said in a very polite tone: “Sir, please go outside and brush the sand off your body. We will welcome you.”
Drayton looked at him in shock: “Hey, why are you talking in such a funny tone, are you stupid?”
The salesman felt disrespected in the presence of other customers and replied in a deadpan tone: “What do you care about my tone? “You get out before I call the police.”
Drayton smiled and gave a great shake and swept away all the sand inside the shop, and then contentedly left the shop and walked towards the sea once more. He saw that the child had picked up his tiffin. Drayton snatched the tiffin from her hand and filled it again with sand. The child’s mother quickly hid the child to one side under her cover. Drayton turned and went inside the shop. With his hands behind his back, the salesman saw him and rushed forward and said: “You’re in again, get out now.”
Other customers saw this and rushed out. They were afraid that this evil drunken buffalo might target them. Drayton said to the salesman: “Okay, I’ll go, but first, what kind of accent do you have?”
The salesman paused for a moment and replied softly: “It’s a Karol accent, part of my heritage!”
“Oh…” Drayton said mockingly, pushing him away, copying in his own tone: “So it’s heritage language.”
The salesman was staggered by his push, and before he could recover, Drayton poured sand over his head. Which got her hair, clothes and floor dirty. Seeing this, he opened the door smiling and went out. On his way to the hotel, he saw another shop, went inside and grabbed aloe vera gel, lotion and sunscreen from the rack and wrapped them in a towel. The salesman was busy with another customer so he went out contentedly, after which he reached the hotel and took a shower. After bathing he thought that these clever children might have got the pearls by now, but should I look for them somewhere or go back to Galte. He thought he should go, he was returning very rich. Deciding to leave, he grabbed every valuable item in the hotel room and began reciting the return mantra.
When the spinning stopped he found himself outside Angus’s house, it was raining, he was drenched in no time. His skin was hurting from the strong sunlight and the rain water made his pain worse. He had left his clothes in the Seychelles and had come in shorts, shoes and a t-shirt, so he started running at full speed towards the B&B. He swung the door open like a whirlwind and stormed in, and Elsa crashed into him. Ignoring her, he climbed the stairs into his room and slammed the door shut. Else exclaimed: “Hey Drayton, you’re all burnt out!”
(to be continued…)