A French collective asks the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into the deportation to Russia of Ukrainian children

A boy evacuated from the city of Kherson, then under Russian control, on a bus bound for Crimea, in the city of Olechky (Ukraine), October 23, 2022.

French lawyer Emmanuel Daoud must denounce to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Wednesday morning December 21, the forced deportation of Ukrainian children in Russia: “We cannot wait five or ten years, we cannot wait for the ICC to take its time. »

“All the evidence is there, before the eyes of public opinion in all countries, listed, documented, just like the Russian strikes used as weapons of war on Ukrainian civilians since the invasion of their country by Russia , February 24adds Emmanuel Daoud. The most vulnerable among them, minors, are victims of deportations; teenagers reluctant to sing the Russian national anthem taken to re-education camps. So many facts which, under the Rome Statute, constitute crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. »

This action before the ICC was driven by the collective of academics “For Ukraine, for their freedom and ours! ”, created by the academic Sylvie Rollet, specialist in the representation of memory in the cinema of Central Europe, after the publication, the 1is august in The worldfrom a column entitled: “Deporting Ukrainian children and ‘Russifying’ them is amputating the future of Ukraine”.

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“The Germans did the same between 1940 and 1945 with 60,000 blond Polish children with Aryan features, many of whom were not found after the war. What is happening is quite comparable,” insists the writer Jonathan Littell, who co-signed this forum with child psychiatrists (Bernard Goise and Pierre Levy-Soussan), the anthropologist Véronique Nahoum-Grappe or the political scientist Nicolas Tenzer.

“A real predatory system”

To prove that thousands of Ukrainian civilians were forcibly transferred to Russia – as far as Omsk, in the east of the country – or to the occupied areas, Me Daoud – who defends the family of Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff, a BFM image reporter killed in May in Ukraine – is based on international press investigations and reports such as the one published in November by Amnesty International; the NGO put forward the figure of 10,764 minors in Russia or in the occupied zones, separated from their families and not just orphans, as Moscow maintains.

The action also aims to support the investigations of the Ukrainian justice. On June 11, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk recalled in The world that a recent Russian law now simplifies the procedures for adopting Ukrainian minors. She was calling “urge international institutions to help” faced with the extreme difficulty, if not the impossibility, of repatriating them.

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