A four-member forensic team of CID collected samples from Lalon Sheikh’s house

#South Bengal: There is no break even on December 25. A 4-member forensic team of CID went to Birbhum’s Bogtui village on Sunday to investigate the theft incident at Lalon Sheikh’s house. The team members visited the entire house. Collected samples.

In the second week of December, Lalon Sheikh, one of the accused in the Bagtui case, died in the temporary CBI camp at Rampurhat. With which the state is in a frenzy. Lalon Sheikh’s wife Reshma Bibi filed a complaint against CBI at Rampurhat police station soon after the incident. Later, the CID took over the investigation of the incident.

Lalon Sheikh’s wife has filed several complaints against the investigating officers of the CBI, not only regarding her husband’s death. Reshma Bibi said that their house was sealed by CBI before Lalan’s death. Then there was the theft. Despite the door being locked from the outside, someone sneaked inside the house and ransacked it. After reporting this complaint to the CID, they came and locked the house again.

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On this day, the forensic team got bogged down in the investigation of Reshma Bibi’s complaint. They opened the seal and looked around Lalan’s house. Collected samples. Lalon Sheikh’s wife said, “My complaint was against the CBI. Both my house and my husband were in their hands. Both have been completed. The CID team came to take the forensic report. They took it away. Now the real secret of who did it will be exposed.” .”

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After this, Reshma Bibi made the CBI stand up again on the death of her husband. Said, “Whoever took my husband, showed the whole village to see the last sight. That’s what they did. They killed my husband within four hours. I want justice.”

This is not the first time, CID investigators went to Bogtui village and spoke to Lalon Sheikh’s wife and his family members. The CBI faced criticism in the court as to how the prisoner died while in custody.

On the other hand, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has made explosive claims about the FIR filed by the wife of Lalon Sheikh, the main accused in the Bagtui case, after the death mystery. After participating in a political program in Ranaghat last Saturday, Shuvendu Adhikari said, “The FIR was written by Ranjit Gangopadhyay. Anubrata Mandal gave the dictation of Lalon Sheikh’s wife’s statement while in jail custody in Asansol. He was helped by Mohammad Ali, the police officer in charge of Siuri police station. The entire FIR process was completed by the Trinamool and the police under the instructions of the top level of the Trinamool. Lalon Sheikh’s wife only signed. An IPS close associate of Mamata Banerjee, whose case is pending in the apex court, last week took Lalon Sheikh’s wife to a lawyer’s house in Salt Lake Bidhannagar. To train what to say. I have all the pictures. Went at seven in the evening, stayed at that senior lawyer’s house till half past eight. We have proper data proof. I will deliver to the right place at the right time.”

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