7 facts about Wandinha that you probably don’t know yet

the dark series He beat me Addams is already a darling among Netflix users and is currently in first place on the list of “top series”, breaking the record for Stranger Things, including. The plot about the adventures of Wandinha, played by actress Jenna Ortega, brings a dark and adolescent atmosphere to its viewers. So, if you’re a fan of the most beloved goth of all time, we’ve separated the 7 facts about the series that you probably didn’t know.

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The 7 facts about the series “Wandinha” that you probably didn’t know

This article is dedicated to fans who like to know everything about their favorite series. So, check out now what the 7 facts are:

1. Little Hand was played by an actor

No, Little Hand is not a GCI animation! The sweetest hand of all time was played by actor and illusionist Victor Dorobantu, as Tim Burton wanted the character to be more organic. However, even though computer graphics were dispensed with, Victor still had to wear a special suit to capture his movements.

2. The “Wandinha” series marks the return of Tim Burton as director and it was Tim himself who invited actress Jenna Ortega to be the new Wandinha

After decades away from television, Wandinha configures Tim Burton’s return to the screen since his last work, in “StainBoy” (2001). Regarding the choice of actress to bring Wandinha to life, Tim already had Jenna in mind and, thus, invited her to star in the series.

3. The country that hosted the recordings of the series was Romania

Country of the famous Count Drácula, Romania is world-renowned for the region of Transylvania, and it is clear that there would not be a darker scenario than this for the recordings of the series. The scenes at school in Nunca Mais were filmed at Cantacuzino Castle, a historic building located in the city of Busteni. However, some changes were made to ensure the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the series.

4. Professor Marilyn is played by actress Christina Ricci, who played Wandinha in the feature film “The Addams Family”, in 1991

Actress Christina Ricci, who gives life to teacher Marilyn, was the one who played Wandinha in the movie “The Addams Family”, in 1991, when she was only 10 years old. Without a doubt, this weight cast was handpicked!

5. The series brings references to the original film

And of course, to cause nostalgia, Netflix bet on references to the original film. A clear example of this is when the ball rains blood, which is very similar to the famous bloodbath that occurs in the play starring Wandinha and Feioso during the Addams family film. In addition to her, in the first scene of the series, Feioso is all tied up and with an apple in his mouth, referring to the scene in which Wandinha ties up her brother for archery practice.

6. The soundtrack of the series is from the same creator of the theme of Batman and The Simpsons

Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon sign the soundtrack for the series. In theaters, Elfman became known for creating world-renowned themes, such as: “The Simpsons”, “Batman”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Edward, Scissorhands” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

7. Wandinha’s dance choreography was created by Jenna Ortega herself

That last fact will make your jaw drop: who created the famous choreography of the prom scene was Jenna Ortega herself! The actress was inspired by several steps of actresses in films and singers and certainly killed the creation.

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