6 Christmas gift ideas at all prices

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Family play (35 euros)

The Dixit board game puts imagination at the heart of the game. A player chooses a card featuring a design from among those in his hand, then announces a word or phrase to describe it. The other players secretly choose the picture they own that best matches this description. All these cards are revealed: you have to find the image of the first player without being trapped by the suggestions of the others. The rules are immediately understood and accessible to children from 8 years old. You’ll find our ten favorite board games in our guide dedicated to this subject.


A poetic journey during which you have to use your imagination to guess or make you guess the very beautiful cards in the game.

*At time of publication, the price was €29.99

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Sitting (again) at the piano (450 euros)

We have spent dozens of hours studying the characteristics of numerous 88-key keyboards at low prices, and with contained space, to retain 7 particularly promising models, which we have tested with the help of pianists of all levels. In our eyes, the Alesis Prestige is the best choice, it will make a very nice Christmas present.

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Protect children’s hearing (40 euros)

This headset prevents hearing damage by automatically capping its sound volume: you can listen to it for several hours in a row without risk. The BuddyPhones Explore is connected by audio cable, which has two advantages: its price is more reasonable than that of a Bluetooth model, and its autonomy is impossible to fault, since it is not necessary to recharge it. A decisive asset for long journeys by train or car. However, for more regular use, a Bluetooth model may be preferable, as we explain in our complete guide.

This compact and solid helmet sports acid colors which attracted the children who took part in our tests. Its audio quality is correct and its price very affordable.

*At the time of publication, the price was €29.90

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Wake up gently (130 euros)

By imitating the sunrise and its gradual increase in brightness, dawn simulator alarm clocks promise a natural, gentle awakening, less stressful than the ringing of a classic alarm clock or that of the telephone alarm. We spent many nights testing eight alarm clocks and dawn lamps, and the Lumie Glow 150 seemed to us to be particularly effective and pleasant, for a more reasonable price than that of the Philips models.

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Simmer small dishes (250 euros)

All of the cast iron casserole models we’ve tested offer excellent cooking performance, whether you’re putting them in the oven or on a griddle, stewing, braising, caramelizing, or searing. food. Nevertheless, we recommend a slightly more expensive model than others, the Signature from the French manufacturer Le Creuset: its lacquer finish is more durable and easier to clean. Since the publication of our guide, the price difference between this model and its American competitors has narrowed, which increases its attractiveness. However, you can grab a few tens of euros by opting for a more economical American model from Lodge or Cuisinart, the qualities of which we detail in our complete guide.

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Increase WiFi range (40 euros)

In many families, the quality of the Wi-Fi connection has become a matter of dissatisfaction. The further away from the Internet box, the slower the speed. The connection may even drop completely in remote rooms. This problem can be alleviated in a loved one’s home by providing a Wi-Fi relay antenna, or “repeater” as connoisseurs call it. Positioned a few meters from the box, it will manage in most cases to increase the range of Wi-Fi, and will speed up the connection in places where it is slowed down. This TP-Link branded model is efficient, easy to install, and not too expensive. It is a useful Christmas gift.

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