4Chan user leaks exciting news about upcoming Deux Ex remake announcement

A recent leak on 4chan has sparked excitement among Deus Ex fans, as it purports that a remake of the original Deus Ex game is currently in development and is expected to be announced within the next year and a half. While the source of this information is an anonymous user on 4chan, it’s important to approach this news with a healthy dose of skepticism, given the platform’s history of both accurate leaks and false information.

Remake Details and Speculations

According to the anonymous user, the remake of the original Deus Ex is being developed for Unreal Engine 5, although Eidos Montreal is not the studio behind this project. Additionally, the user mentions that the Jensen games, including Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, have been reportedly scrapped. However, there is ambiguity surrounding whether this refers to remakes/remasters of these games being shelved or if the entire Jensen series will not receive a sequel. The leak suggests that the announcement and release of the remake are imminent, with a trailer and announcement potentially expected to drop around March. Moreover, the user hints at Eidos Montreal’s involvement in a new Deus Ex game, despite lacking specific details about the project. This aligns with previous reports indicating that a new installment in the Deus Ex series was in the early stages of development, following Embracer’s acquisition of the IP and Eidos Montreal. Nevertheless, the uncertain future of Embracer, marked by significant restructuring and the closure of multiple studios, raises questions about the stability of the Deus Ex projects. The company’s ongoing challenges may influence the fate of the proposed remake, especially considering the financial viability and contemporary appeal it needs to captivate a broad audience amidst Embracer’s strategic objectives.
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Unofficial Remake Project and Its Potential Impact

Interestingly, the prospect of an official remake is complemented by an ongoing fan project called DXU24, which aims to modernize the original Deus Ex game using Unreal Engine 5 and even incorporate VR support. However, the project’s approach involves running the original game through proprietary software that communicates with Unreal Engine 5, reinterpreting the game’s assets and state as modern components in real-time without replicating any protected intellectual property from the original title. The existence of the DXU24 project introduces a compelling dynamic, potentially conflicting with the rollout of an official remake. Nevertheless, the developers behind DXU24 remain optimistic about the legality of their solution and emphasize its versatility to extend beyond Deus Ex, as demonstrated by its applicability to older titles like Unreal Gold, thereby showcasing the broader scope and innovation of their endeavor.

Implications and Speculations

As the buzz surrounding a potential Deus Ex remake gains traction, it prompts speculation about the series’ future trajectory and the capacity of both official and unofficial projects to coexist harmoniously within the gaming landscape. The converging narratives of an impending remake and the grassroots initiative of DXU24 underscore the enduring legacy and influence of the Deus Ex franchise, while also signaling a pivotal juncture that could redefine the series for a new generation of players.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the purported leak of a Deus Ex remake in development and a forthcoming announcement has ignited anticipation and intrigue within the gaming community. While the authenticity of this information warrants cautious scrutiny, it underscores the enduring resonance of the Deus Ex franchise and the fervent creativity of its fan base. As the gaming world eagerly awaits official confirmation, the prospect of a Deus Ex remake and the parallel endeavors of projects like DXU24 portend an exciting chapter for this iconic series.


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