25 terrorists killed and 10 arrested in Bannu CTD compound operation, ISPR

Rawalpindi: The spokesman of the Pakistan Army has said that 25 terrorists were killed in the exchange of fire in Bannu while 7 terrorists surrendered their weapons and were arrested and three were arrested while 3 personnel were martyred.

In a statement released by the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), it has been said that on December 18, a terrorist detained in the CTD complex inside Bannu Cantt overpowered the duty constable and after taking away the weapon. The other 34 detainees were freed, after which all the terrorists came out and got more weapons from the warehouse and opened fire.

According to ISPR, immediately after the seizure on December 18, the terrorists martyred one CTD constable and injured another who died during treatment while taking a junior commissioned officer hostage to provide safe passage from the state to Afghanistan. demanded. On hearing the sounds of firing, a heavy contingent of security forces reached the compound, where two terrorists were killed in a two-way exchange of fire on December 18, while three others were arrested. Besides, two security forces personnel were injured.

According to the spokesman of the Pakistan Army, while fighting bravely in the operation, three soldiers of the motherland were martyred, including Subedar Major Khurshid Akram, Sepoy Saeed, Sepoy Babar, while 10 soldiers including 2 officers were injured in the exchange of fire. On December 20, the security forces carried out a stormy action for not laying down their arms, as a result of which 25 terrorists were killed while a total of 10 were arrested.

According to DG ISPR, there was no outside attack on the CTD compound in Bannu. In a statement released by ISPR, it has been said that the great sacrifices of the martyrs strengthen our resolve. The ISPR says that the security forces are determined to uphold the writ of the state, the security forces are committed to rooting out terrorism.

The spokesperson of Pakistan Army further said that the terrorists tried to escape from the compound which was thwarted by timely action and their demand to be safely transported to Afghanistan was rejected.

It should be noted that two days ago in the CTD compound located in Bannu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the terrorists of the banned organization shot the officer’s rifle and took the staff hostage during the investigation.

The terrorists released a video with the kidnapped officials in which they made various demands for their release, including a demand for safe passage to Afghanistan. The authorities held talks to rescue the kidnapped officials which failed, after which the security forces conducted an operation in the morning to remove the terrorists from the compound and rescued all the officials.

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During the operation, all the terrorists present in the compound were killed, while two police personnel were martyred in the exchange of fire and 15 personnel including an SSG commando were injured.

Meanwhile, in the joint session of the Parliament, Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif told the House that eighteen terrorists were in the custody of CTD.

He said that at 12:30 on December 20, SSG launched an operation in which all 33 terrorists were killed, ten to fifteen personnel including an SSG officer were injured. The sad part is that terrorism is rampant again. Is.

He said that the operation has been completed in Bannu, but the clearance process is going on, the details of the incident will be released by ISPR, some of our soldiers were injured and two were martyred.

The defense minister said that the terrorists belonged to different groups, the provincial government has no role, the security forces should do all the work, the provincial helicopters are being used by Imran Khan, the rulers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have completely failed, the chief minister said. And ministers are held hostage by Imran Khan.

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