20 baby names inspired by African gods

Each culture has its own language, history, culture and mythology. The peoples of Africa are very rich in these aspects, with histories passed down through generations in different ways.

In this article we will give 20 name suggestions, inspired by African gods and goddesses, if you feel inspired by the historical tradition of that continent, which has more than 3000 communities, with different civilizations, languages ​​and ways of communication.

Male Names Inspired by African Gods

1. Anansi

Derived from the Asante people of Ghana, Anansi is known as the god of stories, very popular in West Africa and the Caribbean. Anansi’s translation is spider.

2. Anubis

The judge of the heart of the dead, who decides where they go after they die. He is the god of the afterlife, worshiped by the Egyptian people.

3. After

The father of all the gods that inhabit the sky, creator of the first human according to African mythology. It is the judge and jury of the world, worshiped by the Buganda people of East Africa, currently located in Uganda.

4. The city

Believed to have been born from a mother figure who gave life to all animals on earth, he is known to have the ability to transform into other living beings.

5. God

In the Akan language, the translation of this name is omniscient and omnipotent god of the heavens, that is, the one who sees and knows everything. Still, the Akan people of Ghana consider Nyame to be their god.

6. Ogun

The god of iron and war of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. He is the trailblazer of lands for all deities and is praised by all who work with iron.

7. Xu

It is the god of the Bushmen people of South Africa. In addition, he is considered the creator of these people and a powerful healer, who helps his devotees in times of need.

8. Tano

The god of war and strife in both Ashanti and Agni mythology. The Tano River in Ghana is named after him.

9. Shango

He was a warrior and a king for the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Afterwards he was elevated to divine level, also known as orixás, and named god of war and thunder.

10. Sagbata

The Fon people, a tribal group, regard Sagbata as the earthly god who defends all life. He is still associated with natural phenomena such as hurricanes, crop growth, rain and snow.

Female names inspired by African goddesses

1. Ala

She is considered the mother and creator of all creatures for the Odinani people of southern Nigeria. Still, she is seen as a deity of morals and creativity.

2. Generally

She is the rain goddess of the people of Congo. She appears as a serpent of many colors that brings rain with her. She took over from her mother, who was killed.

3. Isis

An important goddess in Egyptian mythology, she is the wife of the god of fertility, Osiris. Pharaohs believed that she helped humans after death.

4. Furniture

For the people of Congo, she and her husband, Phebeli, gave life to the first humans, after the blessing of supreme creator Massim Biambe.

5. Compare

This deity takes the form of a spider, according to the belief of the Nyanga tribal people, who are located near Rwanda, Congo.

6. However

Daughter of the god Ggulu, Nambi and her sister found the first man, as per Gandan’s creation belief. She became the wife of this man, Kintu, giving life to their children.

7. Nut

It is commonly portrayed as a naked woman bent over the Earth or a cow. It is said that it swallows the Sun at night, returning it in the morning.

8. Oya

She is revered as a powerful warrior goddess by Yoruba communities. She is said to be the governess of natural phenomena such as lightning, wind, thunder and rain.

9. Come on

In the Afro-Caribbean religion, named Santeria, Yemaya is seen as the mermaid goddess, mother of all living beings.

10. Cotton

In Ovambo mythology, she is seen as the creator and governess of life itself, inspiring beings to live a matrilineal life.

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